looking back over 2011

2011 may have been the quickest year of my life. Seriously, I blinked, and it was over. This year was such a great one! Here are the 11 most memorable moments of 2011...in order! 

  1. SNOW DAYS! We used 10 snow days last year and I loved it because they all happened right after my maternity leave ended. Snow days = more days at home with my baby! 
  2. The first week of January last year I had to report to jury duty. Instead of regular jury duty, I was selected to be a member of the Grand Jury...once a month from January - June. I'm the weirdo that was actually excited! I wish I could be a permanent member of the Grand Jury. I loved it. It totally fits my nosy, criminal tv show-loving personality.
  3. Ben and I went to see my favorite country star, Brad Paisley! My good friend, Brad, puts on a great show. It was such a fun concert! 
  4. I embarked on the adventure of baby food making when Grayson was about 6 months old. I really enjoyed making his food! He's so dang picky now & I miss the days when I could get him to eat those yummy vegetable and fruits!
  5. Grayson got to experience his first Spring Break! Not don't get all crazy, we didn't hit up Club La Vela, but we did have fun in Atlanta! 
  6. Grayson became a master artist. No big deal.
  7. We spent a really fun weekend in Oxford! Grayson got to meet his Aunt Whit and Uncle Matt & see our favorite small town for the first time!  
  8. I quit my job as a 1st grade teacher & became a stay at home mama at the end of the school year. Even though The Toddler can have his (terrible 2's) moments, I can honestly say that I have not once regretted my decision. I have made some great friends that also have little boys and I love spending so much time with Grayson. I love my my job title! 
  9. I left the mid-twenties and entered into my late-ish mid-twenties when I turned 26! Gah, I'm getting old! Oh? And my husband got MAJOR brownie points for giving me the BIGGEST DOUBLE DOOZIE CAKE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. oink.
  10. Ben made me do something on the 4th of July weekend that is so not me. Be spontaneous. Gets me all jittery just thinking about it. I'm a big time planner. We decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Oxford for the holiday weekend! Literally, we walked into Target, he said he wanted to go to Oxford, we made reservations for 2/3 of the dogs, packed, & 2 hours later we were on the road. I was a complete spaz (typical) but we had such a great weekend! My baby loves Oxford and that makes me happy. 
  11. Ben and I celebrated 3 years of marriage on July 19! I love this guy more & more every day. I'm a lucky girl. 
  12. We had our big Cheney family reunion in July! I look forward to this every 3 years. It was Ben's first time with my small family of 94 people and I loved that Grayson got to meet all of his aunts, uncles, and cousins! 
  13. We learned in August that Grayson is NOT a beach baby. Not yet, anyways. sad face.
  14. I gave in to peer pressure and joined twitter. How did people communicate before blogs, facebook, HeyTell, and twitter?!
  15. Grayson went to The Grove for the first time!  Yep, 3 visits to Oxford in 1 year! I hope we can keep this up. I didn't take G to the Ole Miss game, but he had a blast in the Grove. He looked so cute in his rebel wear! 
  16. My sweet little newborn turned ONE on September 19! I learned that I am not a party planner but we still had a fun Sock Monkey bash!
  17. Mama got her hurr did. I went from blonde to brunette!
  18. Our child morphed into the cutest garden gnome you ever did see on Halloween! Best costume, ever. He also loved following his friend, Gray, house to house to go trick-or-treating!
  19. That cute garden gnome? He got quite the dramatic pout. He still uses the pout on a pretty regular basis and I still have to turn my head so I don't laugh. 
  20. We found out we were having a BABY on Black Friday!
  21. We saw that sweet little baby yesterday...pretty good way to end 2011!
I am so excited for all of the fun & exciting things that 2012 will bring. A growing toddler who keeps me so busy AND a new baby this summer! Yep, it's going to be a great year. 


Mallorie said...

So since I didn't read your blog all through 2011 this was a great recap of the highlights!!! :-) You had a pretty great year!

The Mrs. said...

Wow! You are going to have a great 2012!! So excited to stay updated withyour family!!

Shelli said...

2012 will be a great year for the Mays indeed!!! :) Your recap is too funny! Happy New Year!

Amanda T said...

Loved this post! & CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you guys. :) Wishing the four of you a very happy 2012!♥