So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

It's been awhile since I participated in SWW. I'm back! This week I am saying SO WHAT if..

  • we leave for Louisiana tomorrow morning and I haven't packed a single thing?
  • I bit all my nails off?
  • I've eaten half of a Double Doozie Cookie Cake all by myself? You only turn 28 once.
  • I haven't made a single thing for Griffin's birthday party and it's only a month away?
  • my almost 11 month old gets a cookie every time we're at the grocery store? It gets me through the shopping trip. 
  • I haven't had a date with Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels in about 3 weeks?
  • this is the longest my dining room table has been cleaned off in...forever? 
  • I miss the days of early bed times? I am SO TIRED by 9pm.
  • I'm totally looking forward to NO MORE BOTTLES??
  • I dreaded potty training for no apparent reason? We're over a week in and it is so much easier than I expected!
  • Anytime we go anywhere, G immediately asks, "we going to Target?"
  • I want a kid-free vacation more than anything this summer? Not happening.


my friend got hitched!

When I moved to Nashville almost 5 years ago I knew nobody except my husband. I got a job teaching first grade and just happened to become best friends with some of the girls I worked with. One of those friends is Mary. I actually wrote about Mary when Kelly's Korner had the single's link up.
She is one of my absolute favorites & can make me laugh harder than just about anyone. Mary met the man of her dreams about a year and a half ago. Right around that same time she had agreed to be a surrogate for the sweetest local family here in Nashville. WELL, Mary fell in love with Kyle AND found out she was pregnant with twin girls. I knew Kyle was a keeper when he stood by her side during that pregnancy! I love their story because it's pretty unique!

This past weekend Mary & Kyle got married! We started off the wedding weekend with a party to celebrate the happy couple. 
 The Killetts!
 The ladies minus our bride!
It was a great night...love these people!

The wedding was on Friday night at the Red House in downtown Franklin. 
It was perfect! It was a beautiful night, the hydrangeas were gorgeous, & the lanterns hanging from trees looked beautiful.
Mary looked stunning. She was seriously the most beautiful bride! I am so happy for these two!
 Me & my date, Caron...our poor husbands had to work!
Kristy, Mary, & yours truly
I am so glad my friend found someone that can make her so happy. It was the perfect wedding day!


picture not-so-perfect beach pictures

Sand. Sunset. Beautiful ocean. Precious matching boys. 

The perfect beach pictures. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this idea in their head of smiling, cooperative, happy kids on the beach. You know, kids who sit still and actually smile at a camera without being bribed with starbursts. Do those kids even exist?!

You know the pictures I'm speaking of:
image via

 SO, I have all these images in my head of my adorable boys sitting on the beach in the sweetest matching Kelly's Kids outfits that I have had for over a year. These pictures will be perfect.

Famous last words. 

and my favorite...

I probably won't find these pictures on Pinterest & they certainly aren't what I had in mind as "perfect." But they are our kind of perfect because they show off some fun personalities & they are real. Real {and funny} pictures of our sweet boys!


A Week at the Beach

We spent all of last week in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I've been going there since I was 4 years old & it was nice to be back! Although, the 13 hour drive with 2 littles was way too long.  We were there with my parents but we each had our own condo. It was perfect--we were right on the beach, the kids could spread all their toys all over, but we could still escape to a clean condo 2 floors up. :) Perfect!

If you recall, our first beach trip when G was a baby was an absolute nightmare. He HATED it and screamed the whole week. We actually came home early. I was so worried that Griffin would be the same way. The verdict?
He LOVED it!!! Griffin is our fearless one and would crawl in the sand, towards the ocean, with waves crashing towards him...all while laughing. It was great!
Grayson loved it too! He dug in the sand all week and swam in the pool. He worked so hard shoveling & pushing his giant dump truck. Btw, how awesome are his sunglasses?!

I'll let the rest of these pictures do the talking. I took a ton! Sorry in advance:)

It's nice to be back home, but we really did have a great week! It was so fun being at the beach with two little beach bums. I remember being at this same place as a little girl & dreaming of the day I could bring MY kids to the beach and play. So surreal! 

Back to reality!


Grayson's Big Boy Room

Grayson got a new bedroom before Griffin was born. You may remember this post where I showed off his new big(ger) boy room.  Well, Grayson has been out of the crib since August and in his full size bed since November. We have finally gotten his furniture rearranged & everything on the walls. I even made the bed so that I could take pictures--let's be honest, ain't nobody got time for that. 

This bed used to be Grayson's crib...so glad we got the conversion kit! I'll be so happy when those huge bed rails are no longer needed, but that won't be for a while! G's bedding is the Greyson set from PBK. Those pillows are from Home Goods. My mom found them and they match perfectly! I still need to find a dust ruffle, but I'm in no hurry. (I'll give a cookie to whoever finds the Griffin photobomb)
That big canvas is from Target...you can find one similar here.
That Big Brother frame was how I told Ben we were having another baby! The lamp is also from Target.
This bookshelf took forever to find and I love it! It's from a really cute store in Franklin called Rooster Tails. 
I just hung up G's artwork this week and love it on that big wall! I just got 4 clear command hooks, some cute green ribbon at Hobby Lobby, & tiny clothes pins. Such an easy art wall! 


Friday Five

1. Last night I went to my first ever Tae Bo class. We have a relatively new studio nearby and I tried my first class for free. It was SO fun! Our teacher was actually the son in law of Billy Blanks...so, it was the real deal. Best part? The 450 calories burned in one hour just doing the basic class!

2. Griffin's 1st birthday party is in the works! I decided on a carnival theme & I have people working on his invitation and outfit right now. I'm excited to see it all come together! 

3. I have discovered my new favorite summer breakfast: multigrain toast, avocado, & a fried egg. I cook my egg in coconut oil and I swear it cooks better than any other method! 

4. We leave for the beach on Sunday night and I am SO EXCITED. I need a vacation. However, the drive makes me nervous. We are leaving when Ben gets off work around 10:30pm & driving the 12ish hours to Florida. Let's just hope these boys will sleep most of the way! 
5. I'm a little embarrassed to admit, but I am pretty happy that the crazies of New Jersey are back! I love RHONJ and all of their drama. It makes for some great mindless summer tv!