Show me your wedding party & flowers!

Woohoo! More wedding stuff--sorry if you are getting bored! Today is Kelly's Korner "Show Us Your Wedding Party/Flowers." I loved looking at the wedding dresses so I decided to participate this week.
We got married in July and I love bright colors. My girls wore pretty pink dresses with gold sandals. I had pretty fun bridesmaids if you couldn't tell:)
This is my favorite picture of just us girls. I am not one to take super serious photos for hours on end, so this captured our mood that day really well! Such a fun picture!

Me and the boys. I loved their suits!
Me and William. I babysit him from the time he was 18 months! His parents were pretty much my Oxford family...I love them! He was a fantastic ringbearer...and seriously, could he be any cuter?!
Ben surrounded by some hot ladies!!
big wedding party!
I love this picture because of Primrose in the background.
Our colors were dark pink & green. I loved my flowers!
These were the centerpieces at the reception. My parents got to take these enormous things home at the end of the night. We came back from Jamaica and they had flowers all over the house!

I did not realize how heavy these were until I had to carry it around all day!

The bridesmaids flowers were my absolute favorite. The colors were amazing!


I am copying my favorite Louisiana friend, Margie, on this post. I love music. I always have my ipod on hand either in my car or in my purse. I have about a gazillion cd's & I love pulling out my really old ones and listening in the car. I always say that certain songs can take you back in time...remind of people, certain events, anything.

*The Greatful Dead. This will always be my dad. I used to hate going on roadtrips and having to listen to the Dead. I came around in high school. I will also never forget his really worn out Dead shirt that he had when I was really little. If I recall correctly, my mom made him get rid of it because it was "scary!" Haha
*The Beatles. They remind me of my mom. She loves them. I remember her telling how upset she was when John Lennon was killed.
*Sister Hazel. They will ALWAYS remind me of Margie! I will never forget our senior trip to Destin. We drove the whole way with the windows down blasting "Champagne High." Anytime she sees them in concert, I get a phone call:)
*Rusted Root. Summer after we graduated from high school. Life was so easy. It consisted of waking up at 11, going to the Windsor Oaks pool for hours, playing volleyball, and then hanging out at someone's house. We used my summer mix frequently at the pool...first song was "Send Me On My Way." So good.
*Hanson. Haha...I'm not embarrassed. I love them. Freshman year of college. Saw them in concert with some of my favorite girls!
*Eric Clapton. Will always remind me of my dad:)
*Rascall Flatts. They belong to Ben. For some reason everytime I drove to Florence to see him, they were what I listened to.
What songs or artists remind you of certain people??


yeah mon!

Ben and I just got back from Montego Bay! It was so nice to get away for a week and not think of anything but the BEACH!
Here is the view from our balcony. I sat out here every morning and read my book...so pretty!
Justin Bobby was so happy to come along with us!
"I'm on a boat and it's going fast and...." (If you don't know this, I am obsessed with Andy Samberg. Obsessed!!)

We are good friends.
Me and my sweet hubby one night before dinner:)
Eating at the Bayside Restaurant--my favorite!

No worries, no problems, mon!


1 year--woohoo

We celebrated our actual anniversary the day before we left for Jamaica. It was a celebration of Ben's 25th birthday & our anniversary. We went out to eat at J. Alexander's...(yum!!!)...and then just had cake and champagne at our house:)
So here is the top layer of my cake and a chocolate chunk of Ben's cake. Looks appetizing...
Feeling apprehensive about the whole situation.
Still not sure about this...

The cake was not the best, but our first year was!

Here's to 80+ more!!!


One year ago today...

I was getting married!
Please excuse the fact that these are out of order...I wish I could move them around!
Ben & I had SO much fun on our wedding day! It is seriously so awesome to have ALL of your friends from high school & college and ALL of your family in one big room together. We really didn't want to leave...I could have "wedding'd it up" all night. Everything about our day was perfect...not one single problem. (Except for our limo--but Lauren was fantastic chauffeur!)
Here we are being whisked away in L-Ho's Accord...such a fun trip downtown! :)
This picture is fun to look at...I like checking out everyone in the background!
Oh Carl.

My beautiful bridesmaids!
Our first dance...please look at William in the background. Funniest picture of the night. He wanted to dance with us so bad!

Our wedding party in front of Primrose--so pretty!
After 3 1/2 years together...finally married!!

Thanks Claire! If you ever need a photographer & you live in the Dallas area...she's your girl:)

It is hard to believe our first year is already over. It has been a VERY exciting year for us. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the next year:)
But for now, we are off to our honeymoon part deux! Jamaica here we come!!


One year ago today...

One year ago today I was feeling so anxious! After 16 months of being engaged, I was VERY ready to get the show on the road. It's amazing how much work goes in to planning a wedding and then you blink & the whole weekend is over!
The morning after the bachelorette party, we had the Bridesmaids Luncheon at Relish. It was yummy:) Here are my bridesmaids and I after lunch. Seriously...I have prettttty friends!
Me & my sweet Nana...she almost couldn't come to the wedding for health reasons so I was so excited she was here with me! Would not have been the same without her.

Melissa, Hailey, & Robyn
Jaclyn, Margie, & Carly

Some of my most favorite girls!

That same night was our rehearsal/rehearsal dinner! Oh, and it was Ben's Birthday! So, happy birthday to my very wonderful hubby:)
Here we are...our last night before we were married!

My parents:)
My School of Ed. girls! I would not have survived my senior year without Whit & Leener!!By the way, it is no secret that I love bright colors. Please check out my bouquet from shower ribbons...love it!!

Apparently Ben & I were NOT paying attention to what we were supposed to do. If you watch our wedding video, you will see what I am talking about..

Lining up with our wedding party. My Papa performed our ceremony--so special!
This time last year I was so excited about the next day I could hardly stand it!


One year ago today...

It is officially our anniversary weekend! I am going to do a series of "One year ago today..." to recap our fabulous wedding weekend. Even though wedding planning can cause a lot of headaches...I would so relive it again in a heartbeat!!!

So one year ago today, my ridiculously fun group of friends threw me the BEST bachelorette party. Ever. Hands down:)
Here is a group pic...I have pretty friends!
Jac & I..."be sassy"
My besties rented the FUR BUS! It was a lifelong dream of mine to ride on a fur bus. I can now die happy. This was Stacey, our driver.
Carl, Blair, & Robyn

High school posse...go trojans!
And again:) I love these girls.

We had so much that night! Most of the time was spent on the fur bus (amazing) driving around Atlanta & dancing. Great night with fabulous friends!



Ben's 25th (quarter of a century!!) birthday is on Saturday. We are leaving for Jamaica right after his birthday, so I decided to go ahead and make his bday cupcakes tonight so he has more time to enjoy them. I have been wanting to make these delicious little guys for a while now...and I sure am glad that I did! I made chocolate cupcakes with Ina Garten's (bleh) peanut butter icing. The "Barefoot Contessa" drives me crazy, but she knows how to make some icing!
Here is the recipe:
5 tbsp. of room temp. unsalted butter
1 cup cream peanut butter
1 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp. of vanilla
1/3 cup of heavy cream (next time I will try using my special "I'm-allergic-to-all-milk-products" whole milk)
Blend everything except the cream. When it is all mixed, whip in the cream until it gets fluffy.
I promise, this is SO good!!