random thoughts..

  • Why will it take 2 months to get our kitchen table, from start to finish? Seriously?! I think I could build a table quicker than the company...
  • I do not have a green thumb. We planted lots of day lilies today. Only time will tell if they survive. I'll post pictures when they bloom.
  • Because of the above, I am so tired that I may actually fall asleep as I type...the sun zaps all my energy.
  • Less than 2 months 'til Jamaica, mon!!
  • I am convinced that snuggly, heavy-breathing dogs are my favorite things. I am surrounded by 3 pups that are all snoring.
  • Lastly, my mama bird is back and has laid 3 new robin's eggs!

Happy Saturday!!


Flashback Friday

I'm going back to my favorite year of high school...senior year! These pictures are all from 2002-2003.
The annual 4th of July bash at one of the country clubs. They always had amazing fireworks!
This was the day before all of my friends left for college. If I zoomed in, we would all have red eyes and dried tears on our cheeks...haha. I have seriously never seen so many people cry in one room! Some of my best friends in this picture are still my best friends:)
Best. Picture. EVER. Meet Kemble & Phil. This is what they wore to one of our cookouts. They were the grillmasters. Only thing not pictured: their AMAZING jorts.
We went to Steak n' Shake atleast 4 nights a week. We knew the waiters...our favorite was "JOSH!" (written like that on his tag...screaming his name at you.)
Senior Prom with Filipe...who is now married to one of my best friends, Al:)
This was at a very not safe drive-in movie theater in a icky part of downtown Atlanta. Hotlanta, if you will. Carl & Dru crack me up in the background. They would go on to convince many people at UGA that they were twins...

LOVE these girls!!!
I am very lucky to have a super close-knit group of friends from high school that still keep in touch. I think I may continue this next Friday....stay tuned!


feeling crafty..

I've been wanting to make a few things for my classroom lately so I decided to venture out to Hobby Lobby yesterday. I love that place! I literally looked down every aisle just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

I found some really cute fabric (30% off!) and a pack of 4 corkboard tiles.

Closeup of the fabric. I love it!
I wrapped the tiles in fabric, hot glued it on, put a pink ribbon at the top, and voila! Here is my finished product:

4 boards for me to hang above my desk and put pictures on! I think they turned out to be pretty cute. I spent a total of $14.00 on this little project. Not bad!


Wordless Wednesday :)

Sha'Quavious & Kylon. :)

Memorial Day & others...

Memorial Day weekend was spent in Atlanta. Carly came in town for her sister's high school graduation (which officially makes me OLD) so I had to go see her!! We went to a cookout on Saturday in Vinings & had Allie's grad party on Sunday. Kids I once babysat were there & had also graduated! Crazy!

me, Blair, Carl, & Lauren
It was so fun to hang out with the girls again. I really don't like how everyone is spread out everywhere! Blair is also moving to L.A at the end of the summer. California keeps stealing my friends...so Lauren, you can't leave me!! :)

Ellie May. Her tongue is black & pink. I think that is my favorite part of her!

This is Hudson's personality captured perfectly in a picture. Ha!

All of my little pups on the carpet, chewing away. Small, medium, large.



Summer is so close I can almost smell it!! Tomorrow is my last (half) day with my kids and it is bittersweet. This time last year I was stressing big time about finding a job. I really thought that after 5 years in school, working my tail off during senior block, & graduating, I would end up just subbing for a year. Now here I am pretty much finished with my first year of teaching! I think the first was successful...I hope the parents feel the same way.

I am going to Marietta on Friday because this girl decided to travel across the country and come home! I am pumped!
Los Angeles has definitely kidnapped my best friend and I am still not sure how I feel about that. Needless to say, the LHS crew will have some fun this weekend!

Ellie is doing great. She went to the vet and it turns out she only weighs 15lbs and they don't think she will get bigger than 25lbs. I am very happy about that. She is still ALL puppy. She plays hard and then suddenly crashes. She is wearing poor Huddy out...but he loves it.

Happy Wednesday!



I never posted after my trip to Atlanta for Mother's Day...so here is the quick recap. I always love going "home" and it had been such a long time since I had seen my family. I got to see this little guy for the first time since December...so crazy!!
Ashton is SO big...it is amazing how different he is now than when I last saw him. He was using mom's silver as drumsticks...following after his Great Uncle Gregg!!
Here is the fam...with Nana in the back:)

I couldn't go home without seeing friends. It seriously feels like it has been ages since I have seen these girls. And for the record, apparently we can't a normal picture. We tried...and failed. But seriously, mango margaritas+amazing mexican food+long overdue high school friend chatting=super fun.

Ok, this last picture is just random. I think it is funny. This is how Jack is about 99% during the day. He loves to bask in the sunshine.
Speaking if dogs, Ellie has made herself quite comfy in our house. She and Hudson are best buds and run around like lunatics a majority of the time. I seriously have never seen him this tired. She is very sweet & cuddly and has been doing good with the whole crate thing. So, our family is complete as far as dogs go!!!


it's a girl!

Meet Ellie May.
Ahh! Isn't she so cute?? She is Huddy's mini-me.

Here is a happy boy that loves his new sister :)

"Eh, not so much mom, but maybe huddy will leave me alone now!"

These two have been wrestling for about 2 hours. They LOVE eachother and it is so cute. Jack will follow along soon...he just takes a little longer!

Ok...so seriously? 3 dogs?!? Have we lost our minds? Probably. I've been fighting Ben on getting a third dog for quite some time. Here's what happened..
So we go to Spring Hil today with hopes of packing up my classroom. We stopped
at the Petsmart to get Jack some dog food and then we saw them. They had the Maury County Animal Shelter (kill shelter) in the back with 4 sweet little girl dogs up for adoption.
I immediately spotted Ellie because she looks like she could be Hudson's real
sister. We left, went to eat lunch, could not stop thinking about her, and eventually went
back to get her out and talk to them. She was SO happy to be out of her cage. We fell in love, but as soon as the lady said this was her last day to be up for adoption, we knew we had to save her. Soooo....here we are! Surprise mom & dad!! I know they will truly think I'm crazy. Haha.
  • approximately 6 months
  • 25 lbs.
  • Will grow to be about 40 lbs.
  • already lost a tooth today!
  • german shepard/lab mix just like Hudson

So instead of this sweet little girl being put down in a few days, she is now living quite the life with her new brothers! Now I am not quite so outnumbered!


Flashback Friday

I love flashback Friday! I love anything that gives me an excuse to look at all my old pictures...and trust me, I have thousands.

I am taking you back to my junior & senior years of HS. Seems like forever ago..

Junior Year Prom...love my pink dress. I can't let go of it. It still hangs in the closet at my parent's house. And I really can't deal with the fact that the guys look like babies in this picture!!
This is one of my favorites of Carl & I...it pretty much explains our friendship.
Mexico mission trip in high school...I long to go back to Matamoros and see the little babies I fell in lov with there. Such an awesome trip! We were actually on the border here...not supposed to be taking pictures:)


Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Baked Italian chicken (Ben's will be breaded..i'm opting for healthier-boo!), Steamed veggies for me & mashed potatoes for him

Tuesday: Girl's Night at AC's! Grilling out...yum!
Wednesday: spaghetti with whole wheat pasta

Thursday: Poppyseed chicken & green beans

Friday: On my own! :)

I am also going to buy this video. I will be shredding soon. Hopefully I will be shredding while shedding some much needed weight.

I will post my weekend recap later. Time to cook dinner!


Menu Plan Monday

Monday: no hubby tonight...I made a bagel pizza on whole wheat bagels.
Tuesday: CINCO DE MAYO!! Chicken, rice, & black bean quesadillas with chips and salsa...love me some mexican!
Wednesday: italian baked chicken & rosemary mashed potatoes
Thursday: on my own again...probably same as Monday
Friday: I will be eating with MY FAMILY (minus hubby) in Marietta!

Jack and I will be leaving right after I get off work to head home for Mother's Day. I bought Jack a carseat and this will be his first trip using it. This was a practice round. It was $9.99 at Ross so I just couldn't resist.
Isn't it fab? What? Everyone doesn't have a carseat for their precious furbaby?? Oh..


Honeymoon part deux

Come July, this will be me...
taking in the scenery...
with one of these in hand...

and hopefully meeting more fun guys like this!

We just booked our summer vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica! We went to another part of Jamaica for our honeymoon and LOVED it. The people there are so nice and they truly do go by "island time." We will be leaving the day after our anniversary and staying for 6 nights. I am so excited!!


Flashback Friday

I copied this idea from a fellow LHS c/o '03er and I love it! When I get bored I love going through all my old pictures. I have TONS of pictures...it is a bit ridiculous.

The first one is senior formal in January of 2003. I love this picture because a) I look super mellow; b) I am very tan for January; and c) my bestie CARL looks superb....and by superb I may mean slightly possessed staring at the camera. :)
This one is when I was in kindergarten. We had just gotten my beloved sister, Maggie May Moore. I absolutely LOVED this dog. She wore my baby doll clothes, sat on the front porch swing with me, walked in my baby strollers, and did just about anything else I wanted her too. Look how cute she was!!