I never posted after my trip to Atlanta for Mother's Day...so here is the quick recap. I always love going "home" and it had been such a long time since I had seen my family. I got to see this little guy for the first time since December...so crazy!!
Ashton is SO big...it is amazing how different he is now than when I last saw him. He was using mom's silver as drumsticks...following after his Great Uncle Gregg!!
Here is the fam...with Nana in the back:)

I couldn't go home without seeing friends. It seriously feels like it has been ages since I have seen these girls. And for the record, apparently we can't a normal picture. We tried...and failed. But seriously, mango margaritas+amazing mexican food+long overdue high school friend chatting=super fun.

Ok, this last picture is just random. I think it is funny. This is how Jack is about 99% during the day. He loves to bask in the sunshine.
Speaking if dogs, Ellie has made herself quite comfy in our house. She and Hudson are best buds and run around like lunatics a majority of the time. I seriously have never seen him this tired. She is very sweet & cuddly and has been doing good with the whole crate thing. So, our family is complete as far as dogs go!!!


Unknown said...

love the update :-) that picture of you guys is great! ps - mexican food and margaritas with old friends? nothing can be better!

yorks said...

Laura! Thanks for the shoutout to Ashton! Your new little girl is adorable! I can't believe you have three-you need to get started on real kids so Ashton can have some playmates that aren't furry!!!