it's a girl!

Meet Ellie May.
Ahh! Isn't she so cute?? She is Huddy's mini-me.

Here is a happy boy that loves his new sister :)

"Eh, not so much mom, but maybe huddy will leave me alone now!"

These two have been wrestling for about 2 hours. They LOVE eachother and it is so cute. Jack will follow along soon...he just takes a little longer!

Ok...so seriously? 3 dogs?!? Have we lost our minds? Probably. I've been fighting Ben on getting a third dog for quite some time. Here's what happened..
So we go to Spring Hil today with hopes of packing up my classroom. We stopped
at the Petsmart to get Jack some dog food and then we saw them. They had the Maury County Animal Shelter (kill shelter) in the back with 4 sweet little girl dogs up for adoption.
I immediately spotted Ellie because she looks like she could be Hudson's real
sister. We left, went to eat lunch, could not stop thinking about her, and eventually went
back to get her out and talk to them. She was SO happy to be out of her cage. We fell in love, but as soon as the lady said this was her last day to be up for adoption, we knew we had to save her. Soooo....here we are! Surprise mom & dad!! I know they will truly think I'm crazy. Haha.
  • approximately 6 months
  • 25 lbs.
  • Will grow to be about 40 lbs.
  • already lost a tooth today!
  • german shepard/lab mix just like Hudson

So instead of this sweet little girl being put down in a few days, she is now living quite the life with her new brothers! Now I am not quite so outnumbered!

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