That Time We Were Impatient

Something about the 3rd baby has made Ben and I super impatient. It wasn't that bad waiting to find out with Griffin because we knew he wasn't the last May baby. This one will complete our family & I have been so anxious to find out what Baby May #3 is!
We decided pretty spur of the moment this week to schedule a 4D ultrasound in hopes of seeing the goods. We brought the boys with us yesterday & spent 20 minutes staring at our sweet baby. I wore blue (because DUH we are having a boy), Ben turned his guess to "boy" when we heard the heartbeat (152-same as the boys), & Grayson was still saying he was getting a sissy.
Grayson was right!!
We are so excited about the sweet baby GIRL that will be arriving in August!!


16 weeks with Baby #3

How far along?: 16 weeks

How big is your baby?: the size of a navel orange
Total weight gain: up 1lb

Sex: We will find out soon! Grayson is still 100% convinced he is getting a "sissy."  
Maternity clothes: yes, I am already over my maternity jeans and ready for dresses and maxi skirts. I feel like I am tugging at my pants all day long.
  Sleep: Sleeping all night--hallelujah! The exhaustion, however, is not going away. This is by far my most tiring pregnancy. I am ready for bed by 9pm every night!
Symptoms: Other than being tired, I am feeling great! Hooray for the 2nd trimester!
Best moment this week: I sold Grayson's beloved Pottery Barn Kids big boy bedding. I eyed it for a year & loved it so much. However, the boys are going to share a room soon and that means moving to a twin bed! I found a great deal on bedding at Target & sold his!
Food cravings: It is so random. This week has been egg salad & sweet tea.

Belly button in or out: in.
What I miss: Excedrin Migraine. I miss regular headache medicine--Tylenol just doesn't cut it.
What I'm looking forward to: Our next appointment is on Monday & we are taking Grayson. He is so excited to hear the heartbeat! 


Menu Monday

Monday: French Toast & Brown Sugar Bacon
Tuesday: Torilla Chip Chicken Casserole (this is a new recipe for the week from Cooking Light--I hope it turns out!)
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: General Tso's Chicken, fried rice, & steamed broccoli (Trader Joe's General Tso's sauce is the BEST.)
Friday: Pizza & Movie night! We will be getting some Papa Murphy's this week!
Saturday: Honey Lime Enchiladas. Yep, these were requested again! PLEASE go make them if you haven't. They are so good! Grayson and Griffin both gobble them up!
Sunday: Let's be honest. I'm exhausted by Sunday night--eating OUT! 



  • Our nice planned out weekly menu? Yeah, I usually stray away about twice a week and we go out instead. Either because I am feeling lazy or I had a kitchen disaster.
  • I am OVER the Olympics. I feel like it is ice skating every single night. The one event I wanted to see was bobsledding & the night I set the DVR for it, it didn't work. I miss my shows.
  • I was never afraid of tornadoes until I had kids. Tornado season in Middle Tennessee is no joke.
  • My car is so dirty it looks like we could be living in it. At any given moment there are at least 4 hidden snack trappers rolling around the back seat & enough crushed up goldfish to feed a small army.
  • I'm pregnant and I still drink coffee & diet coke. I sometimes even eat deli meat. And hot dogs! I live on the edge.
  • I use our bar stools as a drying rack.
  • I dream of a kid-free weekend where I can DO NOTHING & take an ambien at night. I used to dream of tropical vacations. I don't need that anymore. Just give me sleep.
  • Our bedroom has become the graveyard for discarded toys. It looks like a bomb went off in there usually & since we are the only ones ever in there, it is always last (see also: NEVER) on my list to clean.
  • Getting the mail is one of my favorite things to do. However, I am horrible about actually opening said mail. (unless it is a fun package)
Happy Friday, friends! 


15 weeks with Baby #3

How far along?: 15 weeks
How big is your baby? the size of a lemon (about 1.5oz!)
Total weight gain?: up 1lb so far
Sex: we find out on March 27th!
Maternity clothes: I am pretty much living in my maternity yoga pants on most days & I have already made the switch to Ben's t-shirts. Mine are too tight!
Stretch marks: nope! Hoping I can stay as lucky this third time!
Sleep: SO much better--no more randomly waking up and staying awake
Best moment this week: I love hearing Grayson talk about "his baby." He talks about his "sissy" all the time--even though we have told him that this baby very well may be another brother! I just love that he understands this time around & is excited!
Movement: not yet...hoping I will be able to feel something soon! I miss baby kicks!
Food cravings: Pad Thai was my random craving this week & my sweet family happily obliged last night.
Labor signs: no
Belly button in or out: in
What I miss: being able to take any kind of medicine that I want. Griff shared his cold with me & I miss medicine!
What I'm looking forward to: Shopping at one of our awesome consignment sales this week! Just wish I knew what kind of baby things to look for:)
Just for fun, here is a comparison of all 3 pregnancies at 15 weeks. I have gone through lots of paint colors & lots of hair changes!
(click to make it bigger)


Menu Monday

I am starting to get a little more excited about cooking because for the first time in months, the temperature outside will be WARM. That means we get to grill out. That, my friends, makes me very happy. I love grilling weather. Here's what is on our menu this week:
Monday: Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, brown sugar glazed carrots (this meal is already 90% prepared because I tried to make it last night but our propane tank was basically empty. 20 minutes later our chicken was still raw...but, hey! All my sides are prepared!)
Tuesday: Coconut chicken strips & baked potatoes (this is one of our favorites! I use this Publix recipe but obviously switch out the shrimp with Chicken. So good!)
Wednesday: Grilled Greek Chicken & grilled foil packets of squash and zucchini
Thursday: Taco cups
Friday: Pizza night! This has become a tradition & the boys are loving it:)
Saturday: Cheesy Baked Tortellini (this is my new recipe for the week--fingers crossed it will be May boy approved!)
Sunday: Honey Lime Enchiladas & Spanish rice



I'm not a fan of change. I never have been. Change makes me feel anxious. I think in general I just have a tendency to worry & get nervous over silly things. Grayson {unfortunately} shares this trait with me. He does not do well with change & is such a creature of habit.
Our wonderful preschool director approached me a couple of weeks ago asking if we would consider moving Grayson up a class at school. She thought that academically he would be ready for this new class & that it would be good for him. He had some familiar faces from last year and from Sunday School in there. We agreed to do a trial day & go from there.
Ben and I both talked to Grayson about it & he immediately was turned off. He was so hesitant & kept saying how he liked his teachers and he liked his friend, Alex. We had to explain to him that he would really like these new teachers and he would make lots of new friends. Still, he was nervous.
His visit day was on Tuesday and I was a ball of nerves all morning. You see, Grayson has loved school from day 1 and I was so afraid that if he had a bad experience, it would make him dread going. 
He was actually excited about going all morning because 2 other kids from his class were moving up, too. It was all great until we were walking into the room. Then he fell apart. We put all his things away & talked to the teachers. I took him to the bathroom and we closed the door. He was crying so hard. I'll be honest, I was trying really hard not to cry.  He was so nervous & I could just sense his uneasiness. I remembered exactly how that felt as a kid.
So? We prayed. Right there in the bathroom as we stood by the sink. We prayed for a sense of peace & comfort. We took a deep breath. He cried as we left him in his room and it was so hard for me to leave him like that. He hasn't done that since he was Griffin's age.
In my heart, I knew he would be okay & enjoy himself eventually. He just needed time and we had to give that little push to get him out of the comfort zone of his old class.
We picked him up on Tuesday afternoon and took him to get some frozen yogurt. He was smiling so big and told us about all the people in his new class and what he had done all day. He even said, "I had fun there!"  I know he was scared to be moving away from the classroom he has known since September, but he was brave & I couldn't be more proud of him. Seeing that big smile was reassuring to my mama heart, too.
When did he get so big??


14 weeks with Baby May #3

How far along?: 14 weeks

How big is your baby?: the size of a peach
Total weight gain: up 1lb. I'm shocked. I feel gigantic.

Sex: we find out March 27th!
Maternity clothes: duh. I do however need you people to know that the Jessica Simpson line at Motherhood is great. I ordered 2 pairs of skinny jeans that I am loving but I am obsessed with the skinny cords! They are SO comfy.
  Sleep: sleeping great (thanks, Griffin!) but I am so exhausted by 8pm. I am ready to get some energy back!
Symptoms: I am feeling better--no more nausea! Hooray!
Best moment this week: We had our 2nd appointment last Thursday. I was feeling anxious & then our OB could not find the baby's heartbeat. Longest 3 minutes of my life. BUT, she just decided to do a bonus ultrasound and we got to see our sweet baby! Everything was perfect--baby #3 is just super low (hence the reason I feel like my bladder is already getting stomped on) & wiggly! I loved seeing those tiny legs and arms moving around.
Food cravings: salty foods. chips, pickles, olives. yum.

Belly button in or out: in.
What I miss: okay, I'll say it. A glass of wine.
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out what this baby is!!



I have been wanting to blog but feel like I have nothing to write about! All of our days have been running together this winter. We have been trapped inside for way too long. Hope y'all don't mind a brain dump!
-I had my Kelly's Kids sample kit at our house over the last week and it had me itching for warm weather. Seeing all those cute summer outfits was such a tease! I have a bunch of clothes left for me to buy at discount & it's killing me to not know what Baby #3 is! Can't wait to order some matching sibling outfits. I know Ben is just as thrilled about that as me;) Speaking of Baby #3, we find out the gender March 27th. Yay!
-We decided this weekend that we are going to Disney World in early May. We will have to plan things really quickly, but I am looking forward to taking a trip with my boys. I'm happy we decided to go before this baby is here. It will likely be our last big trip before we are a family of 5! I think they are at such a fun age right now--I know it will be a blast! That being said, we are Disney beginners. We haven't been since we were little. Any seasoned Disney travelers care to share advice??
-I registered BOTH of the boys for preschool last week. I can't even believe that my sweet baby Griff will be at school in the fall. He seems so little still but he will actually be older than G was when he started! They will start in September about 3 weeks after the new baby is born...I'm sure they will be so ready to escape from this house!
-The one good thing that has happened this winter is that the boys have really been forced to play with each other. I'll admit, the constant messy house makes me want to pull my hair out. However, the sound of them chasing each other & giggling is the best sound. They've started playing their own version of hide & seek and it is so funny. Griffin always hides behind curtains. Grayson always runs to find Griffin instead of hiding. They make me laugh!
-I have said before & I will say it again: TODDLERS ARE SO WEIRD. Right now Grayson has this strange obsession with white t-shirts and basketball shorts. That doesn't seem like a big deal, except for the fact that it hasn't been above 35 degrees in months!! G loves the big kids on our street and they wear basketball shorts even when it is snowing. Obviously, he thinks he should do the same.
This is G's standard uniform. I miss smocked t-shirts and gingham pants. 


13 weeks with Baby #3

This outfit and beautiful hair brought to you by the Tuesday Monsoon.
How far along?: 13 weeks

How big is your baby?: the size of a plum
Total weight gain: I honestly have no idea. I go back to the OB tomorrow!

Sex: I'm thinking boy & Grayson is CONVINCED it is a sister.
Maternity clothes: yep, completely! I am ready for warm weather. It is easier to dress when I can wear maxi skirts and dresses!
  Sleep: I am finally sleeping better but I am still SO TIRED by 8pm.
Symptoms: Still randomly nauseous...not nearly as often though! My skin has also been awful this time!
Best moment this week: Um, maybe the one nice & warm day we had? Probably that:) Oh, and the boys have a fun new game where they stick small basketballs up their shirts so that they can "have a baby in their belly like mommy." It's pretty hysterical.
Food cravings: salty foods. chips, pickles, olives. yum.

Belly button in or out: in.
What I miss: nothing right now!
What I'm looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat tomorrow. I always get anxious before these first two appointments!