all you need in life
is a good snuggle.


Happy Birthday, Mary!

Happy Birthday Scary Mary!!!
Tomorrow is my friend Mary's birthday..but we went out on Friday to celebrate! We went downtown and at a Rosepepper. I love my mexican food...and this was awesome mexican food! Seriously, I think I was supposed to be born in Mexico because I could eat their food every. single. day. Justin Bobby came to celebrate with us. Little trickster went surfing on a daquiri!
The birthday girl:)
Audry, Caron, Kristy
Me & the birthday girl! Looking at this makes me want to go to the tanning bed...
Two regular gangstas.



This post is overdue, but I had to share...
A few weekends ago, Ben & I ventured to Atlanta for my friend Megan's wedding!
I have known Meg since our days at Lassiter. I tried to upload a picture of us at senior prom...but my scanner no longer cooperates with me:(
Here is what we were welcomed with...so unique! I think her friend made this for her.
This is where Meg & Pat got married. It was an old plow factory....so cool.

Pat kissing his beautiful bride!
Meegy is married! Introducing...
The Barrett's!
I loved her cake..
The guest book with presents from Pat behind...he gave Meg that last picture when he proposed:)
They are pretty cute!
I love wedding dresses. I really LOVED her dress...it was gorgeous!!
Me & the bride!
Megan was a stunning bride (of course) and it was a beautiful wedding! Congrats Meg and Pat!!


It's getting hot in here...

Oh. My. Goodness.

I can hardly deal with the summer heat anymore. It wasn't so bad when I got to sit around this summer...either enjoying the AC or being by the pool. However, school is back in full force and recess (which should be my favorite subject) is ridiculous. We dismiss right after we have been outside for 30 minutes, so I am sure the parents are always wondering why their kid's teacher is a hot sweaty mess every single day.

I am ready for fall. I love college gamedays...I WILL make it to Oxford this year. I love the Grove when it is cool outside. I love pumpkins and all fall candles. I love walking the pups when it isn't a gazillion degrees outside. I actually love recess when I am not sweating like crazy:) Seriously, this weather has gotta go....


Flashback Friday

Today I am taking you on a journey back to my brunette days. I dyed my hair right before sophomore year of college. My mom hated it..I didn't think it was so bad:) But I have to say, as a blonde...I have lots more fun!
This picture just proves that I rarely take a normal picture. This was right after Ben & I met/started dating. I was 19...he was 20. Little babies!
Christmas break 2004

Me & Carl--can't get over how young we look!!!


Just because..

A blog I read had this picture posted today and I think it is so funny. I literally laughed out loud to myself when I saw it. Apparently these people were in Banff (shout out to Mom who went there not toooo long ago) were using their self timer to take a picture when this squirrel decided to jump in on the action.
Go ahead, laugh out loud. I know you want to!


bye summer:(

Well my summer has officially ended and I have a brand new batch of 1st graders. They are so cute! I forgot how little they were last fall when the school year started...they are still so tiny! It is so strange...I was going through their information cards & these kids were all born my senior year of high school! Makes me feel really old!

It was fun to watch my kids from last year get to walk upstairs to where the "big kids" go. Last year was very interesting, but I have no regrets about choosing this job. I love what I do and I feel pretty lucky that I can say that.

Also, I have this precious little blonde boy in my class who is so sweet. On Friday during the pledge, he forgot what to do, so he closed his eyes and held his hands tight under his chin & prayed during the pledge of allegiance. So sweet!! I wish I had my camera out because he looked so innocent:)


Show Us Your Life--Wedding Reception!

It's that time of the week again! This week at Kelly's Korner, it is all about your wedding reception!
I know I am biased, but I LOVED our wedding reception! It was perfect and we had a blast! We got married on the front lawn of an old house in Roswell, GA and had the reception inside in the ballroom. While the guests were enjoying the cocktail hour, we enjoyed a (short) nice little dinner in the bridal suite!
The May's!
The dance floor stayed full all night...it was so much fun dancing with all of our family & friends!Alex, Sean, Phil, Greg, & Logan--love my high school friends!!
Magan caught the bouquet & Greg caught the garter...I love this picture.
Finally able to sit down--just for a sec!
This is my favorite picture of us at our reception--love looking at everyone behind us!
The Debonairs--our great band from Athens...I loved them!
I like to dance..a lot.
Ryan decided to get REALLY low during shout...typical:)
And we were off! Our limo never showed up so we got to enjoy our reception for an extra hour!! It actually turned out to be fine...we didn't want to leave! My best friend Lauren drove us to our hotel & we had a great time...I swear she should consider being a limo driver:)
Out of order, sorry....This was the ballroom.
We had an outdoor area too with a bar and tables...apparently lots of people enjoyed it!
Ben's cake:)
Loved my cake!!!
That's all! Hope you enjoyed!!


A South Carolina Wedding

This past weekend my friend Matt got married! Our families always lived in the same neighborhood, my mom & his mom are very good friends, and we went to, count it, 3 high school dances together! Here is a picture from our prom junior year. Can you find me?! Matt is right behind me.
I am extremely lucky to have such a close-knit group of high school friends. We always have a lot of fun when we get together...Matt's wedding was no different!
Here are Phil & Logan...Logan is my nomad friend. There is no telling where in the world (literally) he may be at any given time!
Matt & Kelly Barry!
Me & Alex
Just a little cake in the face...
I loved Matt's Clemson cake!
Why wouldn't the groomsmen do YMCA??
This is why I am friends with Kemble. He is QUITE the dancer.
Andrew, Logan, & the other Matt:)
And they are OFF! Bye Barry's!

Congrats to Matt & Kelly!



Today this sweet little guy is 5!! He is just going to have to live forever, because I can't imagine life without him!