A South Carolina Wedding

This past weekend my friend Matt got married! Our families always lived in the same neighborhood, my mom & his mom are very good friends, and we went to, count it, 3 high school dances together! Here is a picture from our prom junior year. Can you find me?! Matt is right behind me.
I am extremely lucky to have such a close-knit group of high school friends. We always have a lot of fun when we get together...Matt's wedding was no different!
Here are Phil & Logan...Logan is my nomad friend. There is no telling where in the world (literally) he may be at any given time!
Matt & Kelly Barry!
Me & Alex
Just a little cake in the face...
I loved Matt's Clemson cake!
Why wouldn't the groomsmen do YMCA??
This is why I am friends with Kemble. He is QUITE the dancer.
Andrew, Logan, & the other Matt:)
And they are OFF! Bye Barry's!

Congrats to Matt & Kelly!

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