School's out!

Well, last week we wrapped up another great year of preschool at our wonderful church! This was Grayson's 3rd year in the preschool program & it was Griffin's first! I was a little worried how Griffin would adjust at the beginning of the year because he is such a mama's boy, but he LOVED school! He was actually telling me over the weekend that he was sad school was over & that he wanted to go back this week. I think that is a great thing!

Before the last official day, we had preschool program day. I love watching each class perform with with their music teacher, Mrs. Emily. It is just the sweetest! Griffin was very hesitant about going on stage, but he did great. It's been fun watching Grayson come out of his shell over the years. The last 2 years he barely participated at the program. He was so animated this year! I love that he is losing his shyness & gaining more confidence.

After the performances, we had a school carnival and picnic. It is always a fun way to end the year!  They get all the inflatables and the kids can play games. We had a fun afternoon....even with a very sleepy baby sister!
Last Tuesday was their last day of school & both boys had end of the year parties. I still can't believe they have already finished another year!

Griffin had Ms. Barbara and Ms. Jennifer this year. Ms. Barbara is also his Sunday school teacher & we just love her! Grayson was in this class too for his first year. Griffin had such a wonderful first year & I know it is because these teachers are just so wonderful. They really love what they do & it shows. He adores his teachers & it makes me teary knowing how much they loved on my boy this year! 

Grayson was in the 4 year old class and had Ms. Cherry and Ms. Ashley. He learned SO much this year! It was such a big year for him & he loved school. He is recognizing all his letters and writing his name & spelling shorts words. This boy could barely write a "G" in August! We are so proud of him! We loved his teachers too. I can't believe he will be in pre-k next year! 
Last day of school. These boys sure have grown!! I can't wait to have a fun summer with them!


new beginnings

The past 2 months have been the busiest & most stressful of my life.  I guess it has been apparent of that on my blog because I have basically been nonexistent. We have had so much house stuff going on!
When I left off we had a contract on our house. Well, the very next day after I posted about that, our contract fell through. I was so upset. Mostly because we had a house that we wanted and needed ours to sell AND that meant more showings. Showings with dogs and small kids are just not fun. "House on the Market" mama is not nearly as fun as "Regular" mama.
Thankfully, just one week after our contract fell through, we got another offer! The house we loved also accepted our offer and we were back in business. The business of crazy, that it. I could probably write a book about horror stories on buying a home. We dealt with a lot of crazy shenanigans with the homeowners...including having to break in to our new house on closing day! Ha! Never a dull moment with the Mays!
We moved in late last week and are loving the new place. It is the same size as the old house but it has a little over an acre and the boys are LOVING the outdoor space. I'm just trying to get settled and unpacked as quickly as possible so we can all feel normal again. We have been wanting a big, beautiful yard for our entire marriage and it feels surreal that we actually live here!
We will have several projects with this house but I will take before pictures as soon as it is all arranged. 
One of the best parts of our house is our neighborhood. It is exactly where we wanted to be AND we are right down the street from friends! Life is good, y'all. 


Cheney: 9 months old

Cheney, you are NINE months old today!
Weight: 15lbs 12oz (PEANUT status!)
Height: no idea...find out next week!
Clothing: 9 month & 12 month
Diaper: just moved up to size 3
Shoe: size 1
Well, you still LOVE to eat! You are getting less interested in your bottles. You are still getting them 4 times a day but you usually only drink 4-5 ounces each time. You love to eat real food, though! Whenever anyone else around you has food, you think they should share. Your favorite foods right now are: blueberries, yogurt melts, Mexican rice, yogurt, any type of pasta, strawberries, watermelon, and crackers.  You still haven't mastered the sippy cup yet but love drinking water out of my cup!
You are still sleeping through the night! Hooray! Sometimes you wake up fussing but you always get yourself back to sleep. You are sleeping from about 7:30-6:30. You were sleeping later until we moved. I need to get those blackout curtains hung up in your new room! You are taking 2 good naps a day. Luckily you are pretty laid back & can handle just one long nap on your brother's preschool days.  I know you will love summer break though because we won't have as many interrupted naps! You have also entered in to the fun phase where you throw all your pacis out of your crib as soon as you wake up!
Happenings this month:
-you are now CRAWLING! You can speed crawl all over the house! You are loving this new freedom.
-we moved! You have loved exploring the new house...you are a busy girl!
-You know how to climb up the stairs. I do not love this milestone.
-You are pulling up on everything! We had to lower your crib because you were starting to stand up in it.
-still zero teeth!
-you are obsessed with Jack. That grouchy little dog is your favorite and you follow him all over the house!
-you got your very first boo boo this month when you hit your eye on the coffee table.
-you are BUSY. You are always on the move & do not like to snuggle anymore except when we rock you to sleep!
-you really don't like having your diaper changed or changing clothes. You don't have time to sit still on your changing pad...you would rather be crawling around! You cry & roll around like crazy when we do change you.
Cheney May, you are just the sweetest and happiest baby girl. You are our little ray of sunshine & we are so thankful you completed our family! I adore your big blue eyes and big gummy smile. I will miss that when you finally get some teeth! You are so precious and so LOVED! Happy 9 months, baby girl!