new beginnings

The past 2 months have been the busiest & most stressful of my life.  I guess it has been apparent of that on my blog because I have basically been nonexistent. We have had so much house stuff going on!
When I left off we had a contract on our house. Well, the very next day after I posted about that, our contract fell through. I was so upset. Mostly because we had a house that we wanted and needed ours to sell AND that meant more showings. Showings with dogs and small kids are just not fun. "House on the Market" mama is not nearly as fun as "Regular" mama.
Thankfully, just one week after our contract fell through, we got another offer! The house we loved also accepted our offer and we were back in business. The business of crazy, that it. I could probably write a book about horror stories on buying a home. We dealt with a lot of crazy shenanigans with the homeowners...including having to break in to our new house on closing day! Ha! Never a dull moment with the Mays!
We moved in late last week and are loving the new place. It is the same size as the old house but it has a little over an acre and the boys are LOVING the outdoor space. I'm just trying to get settled and unpacked as quickly as possible so we can all feel normal again. We have been wanting a big, beautiful yard for our entire marriage and it feels surreal that we actually live here!
We will have several projects with this house but I will take before pictures as soon as it is all arranged. 
One of the best parts of our house is our neighborhood. It is exactly where we wanted to be AND we are right down the street from friends! Life is good, y'all. 


Leslie @ Lamberts Lately said...

I just love the house...I can't wait to see more!

Rachel Easley said...

Oh I love it!! The yard is awesome!! We will definitely only be looking at houses with large yards the next time we move! Can't wait to have lots of space to run around in!