i'm a list person.

  • I love this whole "mama" thing. I am convinced I have the sweetest baby in the whole world..we got lucky!
  • Grayson is sleeping two 4 hour stretches at night...it's lovely.

  • The dogs are doing surprisingly well. I'm pretty impressed with how well my furbabies are adjusting. Hudson gets very concerned when Grayson cries and wants to give him kisses so bad. Ellie is absolutely exhausted because she thinks she needs to help me out with the middle of the night feedings/diaper changes. Jack ignores. It's what he does best.

  • Watching Ben with our sweet boy makes my heart melt.

  • I never mentioned in the "birth story" post about a few teensy issues I had. I suppose a darn near perfect pregnancy means you have to have a few setbacks with the actual delivery, right? One issue is that I lost complete feeling in my right leg. Apparently, while I pushed for 2 long hours, I pinched a nerve and I literally had a "dead leg" while I was in the hospital. While trying to move hospital rooms (seriously, who makes the gimp girl move rooms?) I fell and sprained my ankle. SOOOO I came home with a walker, knee stabilizer brace, and an ankle brace. I aged 50 years with this birth-ha! I have most feeling back in my leg now & don't need my walker. However, it is so frustrating not being able to go up and down the stairs with my baby. I'm hoping by the weekend I will be normal again.

  • Grayson is apparently ready for the clubs...looks like he is about to fist pump like The Situation! That's my boy:)


G + Sock Monkey

Grayson took his first picture with the giant sock monkey today. He was pretty fired up about it. Here is our little man posing for his first monthly picture:)
Giving me his Popeye look!

I think he and his sock monkeys will be great friends!
oh, and Huddy too.


the story of Grayson

Our little family of 3 is now home and settled! I thought that before I forget all the details of my labor/delivery, I better share them! So sit back & relax, here is the story of how we met the most handsome little boy in the world...
Grayson must have known how impatient I was being. He was PROMPT! I did my 40 week post on Saturday afternoon & only a few hours later my water broke in our kitchen! Ben was working until 10 that night so I sent him a "911" text and he scurried on home. By the way, your water breaking? ew.
The picture above is my last picture at our house before we left for the hospital. I was READY!! We got to the hospital at 7:30 & went straight upstairs. I explained what had happened (ya know...gigantic gush of water soaking my kitchen floor) and do you know what the test results were?? negative. Seriously?! They said it was possible that I had 2 sacks of water and that only the first one had broken. My awesome nurse knew I was ready to have that baby & convinced the doctor to let me stay overnight to see what would happen.
I got an ambien to sleep (yay!) and got up around 1 in the morning to use the bathroom and of course water #2 broke. Enter contractions & a fuzzy recollection of actual events thanks to the ambien. Contractions were not horrible and neither was the epidural. Go time!
I was in labor all night & started pushing at 10 am on Sunday. I was already exhausted before I started pushing...like falling-asleep-in-the-midst-of-labor tired. I pushed for 2 solid hours with zero progress and finally told my nurse "no, thank you." He was too big and was not going to come out of there on his own! C-Section it was....followed by a 10 minute panic attack/tearfest because I was so mad I couldn't have my baby my way.
The C-section was not as bad as I thought it would be. I remember being deliriously tired & it did not hit me that I would meet our little man in the next few minutes.
The second I heard that little scream I started crying. I remember everyone talking about what a big baby he was. He had big lungs, too:) I love this picture of my little bird screaming his head off...really shows what a long day we had already had! Ha!
Most favorite moment of my life was meeting Grayson. He was absolutely perfect. Love at first sight.
A very proud daddy!
our BIG boy weighed 9lbs 1 oz and was 21 inches long..no wonder he wouldn't fit!
Grayson is beautiful with dark blue eyes and blonde hair...little surfer baby!
Our new family of 3 (or 6 if you include the pups!)
We are so happy to be home & out of that hospital. We are busy enjoying our baby & learning all about him. He is doing wonderful...he weighed 8lbs 5 oz today at his first pediatrician visit & has NO jaundice-yay! Thanks for all of your sweet words & encouragement...we really appreciate it! Hard to believe that this baby is finally here!



Grayson Benjamin
Born September 19, 2010
9lbs 1oz
21 inches long
Absolutely perfect! :)


40 weeks: done and done!

Today is D-Day. My "What to Expect" app on my phone practically shouted to me this morning: "TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!!!" Oh really, What to Expect?? My other phone app declares that I am 100% through with this pregnancy. I don't think I'll open that app tomorrow. It is so strange knowing that I am sitting on my computer right now...and perhaps this time tomorrow I could have a new baby. Surreal.
If I look exhausted in my picture, it's because I am. Mother Nature is funny. The past 4 nights in a row I have been up in the middle of the night. 3 of those nights the dogs wanted to go outside & one night I was sick. Preparing me for what's to come? I think so.
*How far along?: 40 weeks
*How big is your baby?: still a large watermelon! ...weighing well over 7lbs most likely
*Total weight gain?: lost 2lbs this week...24 total!
*Sex: BOY! Grayson Benjamin:)
*Maternity clothes: First of all, I want to be like a woman of the 70's. Except, I will not burn my bras (Lord knows I need those) but burn my maternity clothes. I am SO ready to have a waist again! I'm pulling my pants up all day long...super annoying.
*Stretch marks: 2 tiny ones on each side...not too shabby. I only used my mama mio cream on my stomach for most of the time...lesson learned?
*Movement: He is so out of room that I can see specific body parts when he is moving...I grabbed his teensy leg this week a few times!
*Sleep: This week was a nightmare for sleep.
*Best moment this week: I am officially on maternity leave for 12 weeks!
*Food cravings: my stomach has no room for food.
*Labor signs: no real contractions...still 50% effaced & 1cm dilated. He feels a smidge lower. I go back on Monday to see how we've progressed/schedule an induction if he doesn't come on his own!
*Belly button in or out: reaches to China!
*What I miss: being comfortable
*What I'm looking forward to: holding a newborn...it WILL happen within the next week:)


bullet me.

  • Today was semi-productive at the doctor's office...I am now also 1cm dilated & still 50% effaced (which so badly makes me want to say "IN THE FACE".....just like in the Hangover--haha)
  • This week is my last week at work (til December)--hoooooooray!
  • I have parent/teacher conferences this week. How have we already been in school long enough to have conferences? Geesh.
  • I'm watching "Hoarders" right now and to say that I am fascinated (and nauseated) is an understatement. This lady's house is filled with crap & her goats have eaten holes through the walls! how do you get that way?!
  • I also lost 2lbs this week. hoooooooray!!! shrinking baby? water leaving my elephant hoof? don't know, don't care!
  • I finished my plans for my interim teacher. hello, 100lbs of weight lifted off my shoulders!
  • my house feels ready. our nursery feels ready. carseat is in my car. bag is packed and ready to go. i am ready.
  • I'm still afraid of my water breaking at school in front of 19 six year olds. Awkward.
  • I've tried reading Babywise now for a month. It is so boring. Why can't jenny McCarthy rewrite Babywise for me? I just don't think it will happen. I hope Grayson just comes out acting wise. That would be nice.
  • We're in single digits, y'all. Just sayin!


39 weeks

Check out the progression over 9 months...it's safe to say I now have a BIG ol' belly!
*How far along?: 39 weeks
*How big is your baby?: still a large watermelon! ...weighing over 7lbs most likely
*Total weight gain?: 26lbs. total
*Sex: BOY! Grayson Benjamin:)
*Maternity clothes: I am becoming a whiny baby about maternity clothes.
*Stretch marks: 2 tiny ones on each side...not too shabby. I only used my mama mio cream on my stomach for most of the time...lesson learned?
*Movement: He is OUT of room so whenever he moves it shakes my whole stomach. His little foot is still kicking me in the rib.
*Sleep: I half sleep. It's terrible. I think my brain is just in overdrive and has too much to think about: when baby will arrive, what I need to do to in my classroom to get ready, what we need to do at home to get ready..
*Best moment this week: progress was made at the doctor's appointment!
*Food cravings: my stomach has no room for food.
*Labor signs: BH contractions are becoming more frequent...but still irregular. I am 50% effaced but not dilated. Hoping I'm still not closed for business when I go back on Monday. I'm just glad something has happened!
*Belly button in or out: waayyyyyy out.
*What I miss: my feet not being made of memory foam.
*What I'm looking forward to: getting this show on the road!!!!

This guy is ready to meet his baby, too. Ben and I went walking around the mall today for a long time. We also just went to Molinari's and I ordered eggplant parmesan. We'll see if our efforts get us anywhere:)


let's get this party started

Let me start by saying this: Hi. My name is Laura and I am addicted to sock monkeys. Seriously, y'all, I think I have a problem!!
Who needs a jack-in-the-box?!
Not us! We have sock-monkey-in-a-box.
......Hudson really wants to figure out how exactly that monkey does indeed come out of the box. It remains a mystery to the poor guy.
Carlton was added to the mix this week. He's pretty cool.
oh, and did I mention that my husband is AWESOME?! Because he is. He brought home SAMMY one day last week!!! I love Sammy. This will be who Grayson poses with each month. He may even wear his sock monkey hat while posing with the giant sock monkey. See? Told you I have a problem.
Moving right along....I am all about inducing labor naturally these days. I now know exactly why everyone told me that "the last few weeks are the hardest." They weren't kidding! I am so ready to get little G out of me...for reasons of being incredibly uncomfortable, swollen like an elephant from the knee down, and because I'm just impatient and want to meet my little boy. I've heard many different things that will supposedly put you in labor....
  • eggplant parmesan....we are going out to eat on Saturday and I will be eating this. I lurve italian and I'm kinda mad that it isn't fettucine alfredo that puts you into labor. oh well, worth a shot!
  • walking...the doctor told me to do lots of walking! I ran down the school halls yesterday & went walking with Ben + 3 dogs last night. I will say he feels lower today. Perhaps the running shook him around a bit?
  • Kristy said to eat pineapple. I like pineapple. I could handle that.

Anything else to offer? Comments? Suggestions? We are now full force into Operation:Get Grayson Out!


menu plan

I am getting much better at planning our weekly menu. This past week we stuck to it & never went out...that's a big deal around here! The weather here in Franklin has been beautiful this weekend. I think we are finally through with all of that 100+ degrees nonsense. Fall is just around the corner & I can't wait to start using the crockpot for some yummy soups, stews, and pot roasts!
I have a husband to eat dinner with almost every night this week--lucky me! Here is our menu:
Sunday: chicken and spanish rice quesadillas
Monday: Beef tips over egg noodles -- loved when my mom made this when I was younger! I'm trying out a new recipe...I'll let ya know how it turns out!
Wednesday: Mexican casserole...new recipe...posted below:)
Friday: BBQ chicken pizza
Mexican Casserole
1lb ground beef
1 chopped small onion
1/2 of a bell pepper, chopped
1 can diced tomatoes (I got the ones with chiles added)
1 can whole kernel corn
1 8oz. can of tomato sauce -- I may use enchilada sauce...
2 tbsp chili powder
A few handfuls of crushed tortilla chips
Shredded mild cheddar cheese
Brown the beef, onion, and bell pepper together. Drain. In a casserole dish, combine the beef mixture, tomatoes, corn, tomato sauce, and chili powder. I may go crazy and add black beans! I live on the edge. Mix well and then bake for 30 minutes on 350. Top with the crushed tortilla chips and some cheese. Bake until cheese is all melty.


38 weeks

*How far along?: 38 weeks...9 1/2 months!
*How big is your baby?: still a large watermelon! ...he will be a watermelon until he gets here:)
*Total weight gain?: at my Wednesday appointment I had not gained! woohoo! maybe I have stabilized? I'm sitting at 24lbs total.
*Sex: BOY! Grayson Benjamin:)
*Maternity clothes: I am becoming a whiny baby about maternity clothes.
*Stretch marks: 2 tiny ones where I didn't use my tummy rub. so yep, now I am REALLY lathering it on! I want to buy that new mederma stretch mark cream & go ahead and start using it!
*Movement: He is OUT of room so whenever he moves it shakes my whole stomach. He is still up really high and his kicking my rib.
*Sleep: I'm getting good practice at the whole "not sleeping" thing.
*Best moment this week: I feel like the nursery is actually ready for a baby!
*Food cravings: my stomach has no room for food.
*Labor signs: BH contractions are a little more frequent. No real contractions. I go back on Tuesday and am praying that something has happened down there! I mean, really, my body needs to kick this baby out.
*Belly button in or out: my belly button officially came out of the closet.
*What I miss: being able to bend over. red, red wiiiinnnnneeeeeeee.
*What I'm looking forward to: labor!!!! I keep reading my "what to expect" September message board on my phone & everyone else is having babies. I am a smidge jealous! I just want him to be here. I'm impatient..can you tell?...
I'll leave you with a picture of our oldest, Jack, perched on his favorite spot. That is all.


it's that time of the year again...

College football season has officially begun!! My husband is obsessed with football so we watch a lot of it around here in the fall. There really is nothing like an SEC football game on a Saturday afternoon...and there is really nothing like spending a Saturday in the Grove with a cold bev, yummy food, friends, big screen tvs set up all around, chandeliers--i kid you not, and the best outfit watching in the entire south!
Atleast Whit and Matt still live in Oxford and always have a spare bedroom for their favorite llama-loving friend:) I can't wait to bring Grayson to the Grove next year in a cute little Rebel outfit!
...just had to throw in a pic of me & some boys from LSU's Tiger Pimp Nation. Ahhh-mazing. Naturally, I flocked right towards this group of pimps. Right up my alley.
Tailgating heaven!
Hotty Toddy!


all set up...

...with no baby. and no progress might I add! But, alas, we have COMPLETED the nursery! So without further adieu, I present Grayson's room:

The fully stocked closet. We bought that organizer at Target and I of course had to buy the fun baskets!
The wall of love. I say this because we must really love this boy since we spent so much time painting this! I am seriously in love with how it turned out and will be very sad to ever see these stripes go!
2 sock monkeys?! YES, PLEASE!! Rufus gained a new friend this week named Bernie! I am in heaven! These make me a little giddy. I'm not kidding.
Basket o' diaper change goodies. We have wipes, diapers, butt paste, and peepee teepees...but what else do I need in this basket? Seriously...help a first timer out!
The swing will move downstairs once there is a baby to actually sit in the swing. I really want to order a Pottery Barn kid chair to put in that corner...I just can't justify spending that moolah right now. Perhaps a little later..
Grayson's first little toy from one of my best friends/his auntie Lauren! The little blanket is monogrammed and came literally 2 days after we found out Grayson was indeed a boy. Record time monogramming!
Our super fun curtains:)
Our final touch were these prints from a website called The Dinky Cow.
I love them!
This big brother, along with the rest of us, are trying our hardest to wait patiently for this baby to arrive. We are now in our official BABY MONTH! Hurry up, G!