all set up...

...with no baby. and no progress might I add! But, alas, we have COMPLETED the nursery! So without further adieu, I present Grayson's room:

The fully stocked closet. We bought that organizer at Target and I of course had to buy the fun baskets!
The wall of love. I say this because we must really love this boy since we spent so much time painting this! I am seriously in love with how it turned out and will be very sad to ever see these stripes go!
2 sock monkeys?! YES, PLEASE!! Rufus gained a new friend this week named Bernie! I am in heaven! These make me a little giddy. I'm not kidding.
Basket o' diaper change goodies. We have wipes, diapers, butt paste, and peepee teepees...but what else do I need in this basket? Seriously...help a first timer out!
The swing will move downstairs once there is a baby to actually sit in the swing. I really want to order a Pottery Barn kid chair to put in that corner...I just can't justify spending that moolah right now. Perhaps a little later..
Grayson's first little toy from one of my best friends/his auntie Lauren! The little blanket is monogrammed and came literally 2 days after we found out Grayson was indeed a boy. Record time monogramming!
Our super fun curtains:)
Our final touch were these prints from a website called The Dinky Cow.
I love them!
This big brother, along with the rest of us, are trying our hardest to wait patiently for this baby to arrive. We are now in our official BABY MONTH! Hurry up, G!


Kimberley said...

what a cute nursery! you did a great job decorating! for the changing table, i would add Qtips (for ears, nose, umbilical cord cleaning), a nasal aspirator, alcohol for the umbilical cord. If you plan to circumcise, you will need vaseline and gauze pads. I think that should help. :)

Almost time!! :)

Jen Watts said...

omg...love the nursery..you are ready! I scheduled my c section today for the 19th..yikes!! I'm so not ready...its going to be camp get the nursery done this weekend!

Your chihuahua looks so happy...I swear Elvis has been the spawn of Satan this week. His old room is the now nursery and he is very upset about it. He scratches at the door then if I leave the door open he goes nuts in there..tonight he threw up in there...I feel like I have 2 babies to worry about!

Grayson is a lucky lad..so much thought went into his room!

Jennifer said...

Laura!! His nursery is absolutely beautiful!!! Ya'll did such a fantastic job!!