bullet me.

  • Today was semi-productive at the doctor's office...I am now also 1cm dilated & still 50% effaced (which so badly makes me want to say "IN THE FACE".....just like in the Hangover--haha)
  • This week is my last week at work (til December)--hoooooooray!
  • I have parent/teacher conferences this week. How have we already been in school long enough to have conferences? Geesh.
  • I'm watching "Hoarders" right now and to say that I am fascinated (and nauseated) is an understatement. This lady's house is filled with crap & her goats have eaten holes through the walls! how do you get that way?!
  • I also lost 2lbs this week. hoooooooray!!! shrinking baby? water leaving my elephant hoof? don't know, don't care!
  • I finished my plans for my interim teacher. hello, 100lbs of weight lifted off my shoulders!
  • my house feels ready. our nursery feels ready. carseat is in my car. bag is packed and ready to go. i am ready.
  • I'm still afraid of my water breaking at school in front of 19 six year olds. Awkward.
  • I've tried reading Babywise now for a month. It is so boring. Why can't jenny McCarthy rewrite Babywise for me? I just don't think it will happen. I hope Grayson just comes out acting wise. That would be nice.
  • We're in single digits, y'all. Just sayin!


Ashley said...

I am so excited for you!!!! Congrats on the lesson plans, I can't imagine!!!

melissa said...

eeee, so exciting!!!

KatieB. said...

Good luck this week and try to relax :) I laughed out loud thinking about your water breaking during class...situations that never cross your mind until you're pregnant.

Jen Watts said...

You sound ready!! I'm ready to not be pregnant any more...Ahhh water breaking at school, that might be worse than Wal Mart ;)

Shelli said...

Woohoo!!! Come on out Grayson! I, too, hope your water does not break in front of 19 six year olds!!!

Unknown said...

YAY!! So exciting. Enjoy your week meeting your precious baby!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're almost there; glad you got your lesson plans done for your teacher! Ahhhh!

TulipGirl said...

Babywise is a crock of. . . well. . . you fillin-the-blank. As long as you expect your little one to conform to man-made opinions (not based on scientific observation or God's creation) you will be stressed. . . but. . . that is going on a tangent. Hooray for interim teachers and time for you to just "babymoon!"