baby shower!

This past Saturday was our baby shower in Georgia...it was so fun! My 2nd family, The Barry's, hosted the shower and everything was fabulous!
I love this fence with pictures...so cute! Oh, and look! They even included my "Beached Whale Sexy" pic in the middle!
The spread. All desserts made by Julie...yummy! She has got a lucky new hubby!
all of the LHS girls + Robyn...loved seeing all of Grayson's future aunties:)
We got a lot of great things for our little guy...we are very lucky! I mean, how cute is that Beatles shirt?!
...and a teeny tiny monogrammed tailgating chair. PERFECT. This will definitely be in the Grove in a couple years!!
my cousin, Blakely and I...She is due at the end of July! Collin & Grayson will only be 2 months apart-so fun!
yep. I like his name. a lot.
the hostesses, me, and my mama!
G's soon to be GREAT grandmothers!
I was so excited because some of the Lousiana gang got to come! Robyn and June came to the shower and are now here in Franklin with me for a couple of days.
...and yes you are seeing double. Still can't figure out how to delete pictures...suggestions welcome:)
We are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family that already love this little boy!


28 weeks

*How far along?: 28 weeks

*How big is your baby?: a head of cauliflower (sorry, no veg pic this week!) a little over 2.5lbs!

*Total Weight Gain?: I'm guessing about 10...we will find out on Wednesday--little nervous!

*Sex: BOY! Grayson Benjamin:)

*Maternity Clothes?: yes. I miss my old clothes. wah.

*Stretch Marks?: not yet--Mama Mio is doing its job!

*Sleep?: horrible...guess I am getting prepared for a baby. My ribs are killing me & I can't get comfortable!

*Best Moment This Week: We had a baby shower in Georgia...Grayson got SPOILED!! :) It was so fun!

*Food Cravings?: anything cold...I feel like I am melting over here in Nashville!

*Labor Signs?: nope

*Belly Button In or Out: it is officially flat and it is the weirdest thing ever.

*What I Miss: sleeeeeeep!!!!

*What I'm Looking Forward To: getting Grayson's nursery finished! Mom is making curtains this week and then I will start making the letters for his name:)



I have been a decorating/get-my-house-dunzo fool this summer. I know I won't be able to do it once the baby gets here so I am using my summer wisely! For the past year and a half our guest bedrooms have been a uber-boring shade of builder grade tan. B O R I N G. Totally not me. Ben and I have been busy little workers getting these 2 rooms in order...and folks, here is the first look at (almost) complete guest bedrooms!
Guest bedroom #1. I shall call this room: Mocha Frappacino. Yay no-sew curtains! I bought that fabric at Hobby Lobby and and just used some no-sew iron on tape to hem them. Voila! Oh, and by the way, that lamp was courtesy of Ross for a total of $14.
Finally hung up my little DIY art project!
This duvet cover came from Target a few months ago and was on clearance for a ridiculously low price. I grabbed it and didn't look back! I'm on the hunt for something to make a headboard...antique doors/shutters/any ideas?
This room makes me SO happy now! I got it in my head last week that I wanted it painted and I wanted it painted now. We have had the bedding since we got married & I love its beachy-ness.
Wal-Mart lamp purchased with gift card=$16. Yes please. Had to add a little bit of Oxford in this room...I love me some Old Taylor Grocery:)
I was planning on making drop cloth curtains for this room...however, Marshalls saved the day! These window panels have the same linen look and were (drum roll please) $7.00 each! I feel as though I stole them...love me a deal!
Now, all we need are some guests!

Ellie and Huddy are ready for the visitors coming on Sunday...my mom, aunt June, and cousin Robyn! They will be the first guests in our new rooms...I love that every room in the house is finally painted and it is feeling complete!

celebrating my day o' birth.

Go girl, it's ya birthday. Open wide, I know ya thirstay. Say ahhhhhhhhh. Say ahhhhhhhh. (Sorry, a little intro from R. Kelly was indeed necessary)
Turning a quarter of a century old was not that bad! Well, until I think about the fact that now I am in my "mid-twenties." That sounds old. I spent a night with my favorite local girls & then Ben took me out last night! Needless to say, I don't need to eat for a few days.
Birthday numero uno was spent in mexican style, of course! Me, Katie, Kristy, and Mary went out to eat at Chuy's. If you have not been here, you are missing out. It is SO good!
We even got to meet a fellow blogger who just happened to be dining at Chuy's with her hubby before they moved to Oklahoma. What are the odds?! Amanda was sitting right behind Mary & Kristy. So fun!
Afterwards, we all went out for some FroYo. I love how awkward I look in this picture. Nobody told me to a)take the bowling ball out from under my shirt b)stop blocking Katie or c) to turn the other direction. Can I please mention that in this place that sells FROZEN yogurt, it was 84 degrees. 84 degrees!!!! Seriously.
My posse again outside. Mary blends in to the night sky. It was fun!
...and the night may have ended with this. A pole, Special K, and a parking lot. Apparently that makes for QUITE the combination!
Last night Ben and I went to P.F Changs for dinner and ate entirely too much yummy food. I came home to some gigantic GiGi's cupcakes and continued to gorge myself. Happy birthday to me:)


The big 2-5!

Well, kids, today I am another year older! It's my 25th birthday! I remember when 25 seemed so old. In honor of my birthday, I am giving you 25 fun facts about yours truly.
  1. I am lactose intolerant but love all milk products. It's a cruel world we live in.
  2. At one point during my senior year of college, me and my best friend Whitney drove through a not-so-fab neighborhood and discovered a new litter of puppies. We went so far as to crawl under a broken down car in the front yard of some guy's house to save these little guys.
  3. I love country music...but I only listen to it seasonally. Something about Spring and Summer make country music even better.
  4. It used to drive me crazy when people would not like me...especially if they really had no reason. During this past year I have learned to just not care. Life is too short to worry about petty people.
  5. I hate confrontation. Makes my tummy hurt.
  6. My hips aren't straight. I call them my 'wonky hips.' They turn out and pop when I walk.
  7. I've wanted to have a baby (or 4 or 5..) for as long as I can remember.
  8. I am more afraid of the epidural than I am of the actual 'birth the baby from your crotch' process. That needle looks awful!!
  9. I overheat easily. By easily I mean I almost passed out getting my hair highlighted yesterday.
  10. I love sock monkeys. I am on the search for the perfect sock monkey for Grayson.
  11. The Huggies jean diaper commercial makes me laugh SO hard. I really want to buy a pack for Grayson.
  12. I'm always people watching wherever I go. WalMart, the beach, and the airport are my favorite people watching spots.
  13. I loved college. I am getting more and more sentimental about my college experience the older I get.
  14. Cats freak me out. They are so weird.
  15. I could eat my weight in watermelon.
  16. Ben and I talk FOR our dogs all the time. Seriously. They all have a special voice.
  17. I am afraid of the moment when Grayson has a meltdown in a public place. I get nervous and sweaty just watching other moms try to calm down a spastic toddler.
  18. I'm a daydreamer who always thinks about how my life will be in the future.
  19. I love to dance. Favorite thing to do in Oxford, hands down, is go to the Library when DJ Mario is there and shake my tail feather!
  20. Which brings me to...the fact that I am very white and very much enjoy rap.
  21. I love Christopher Bridges. You probably don't even know who he is.
  22. I have had the same celebrity crush since 8th grade: Justin Timberlake. I think I would be a puddle of mush if I ever got to meet him. Have you seen that boy dance? A-mazing.
  23. I still have the febreze air effects spray that smells like a Christmas tree. It smells SO good.
  24. I listen to Justin Beiber. Don't hate.
  25. I am pretty sure that my 25th year will be my favorite year so far. Can't wait!


happy father's day!

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!
I love my dad. I am his only kid...so we're pretty tight! :) Here are some things I love about my dad...
  • He is a really good sport. There are quite a few pictures of us when I was little where he is letting me put rollers in his hair and make him all pretty...hehe
  • He is the most loyal Georgia fan I have ever met. Rain, shine, hot August weather, or freezing cold fall weather...he will be in Sanford stadium wearing all black and red...cheering on his Dawgs. He's the reason I love SEC football!
  • He makes me laugh. I loved going on family vacations with just my parents growing up...my dad can be pretty goofy and can always make us laugh!
  • He's a good listener. I know I can always call my dad...even when he is at work...and talk his ear off & I know he will always listen!
  • He works really hard to provide for his family. He let me go to the college of my choice even though it was out of state and for that I will always be greatful!
  • He gives good advice. Enough said:)
  • He loves a clean car. His motto is: "A clean car reflects it owner." Haha:) ...and, he's always clean! Guess it's true.
  • He will be a GREAT Grandpa to Grayson...I can't wait to see it in action!


27 weeks

*How far along?: 27 weeks...hello 3rd trimester!!
*How big is your baby?: cucumber...measuring about 15 inches now from head to toe & weighs about 2.2lbs!
*Total weight gain?: up one more pound=9lbs. total
*Sex: BOY! Grayson Benjamin:)
*Maternity clothes: yes indeed. I miss my old clothes!
*Stretch marks: None yet! I have been lathering cocoa butter on a couple times a day and then use my tummy rub at night. Seems to be doing the trick!
*Sleep: I am sleeping great...making about 2 bathroom trips every single night though! Boo for that.
*Best moment this week: Ben and I have SUPER productive around the house. Our guest rooms are now pretty much complete! I guess I'm nesting because I want everything perfect all the time. :)
*Food cravings: anything cold! I am loving Purity Sweet Lemon popsicles and FroYo:)
*Labor signs: no...but every night my back starts hurting and I can't get comfy
*Belly button in or out: in & starting to look funny
*What I miss: laying out on my tummy
*What I'm looking forward to: our shower in Georgia this coming Saturday!!


Blog Hop--Wedding style!

I love weddings! I really loved our wedding. We got married on July 19, 2008--can't believe it was just about 2 years ago! Welcome to our wedding:)
I got my hair and my makeup did. Jack was excited that he would not be an illegitimate chihuahua after his mama and daddy got hitched!
sigh. my dress. my dress that I still love.
me & my girls on the front lawn where we got married...I still love all the colors!
we're MARRIED! holla!
We got married on the front lawn of this historic home in Roswell, Ga. The reception was inside...where the AC was flowin'! Perfect setting for a southern summer wedding:)
Ben's yummy cake...Go Braves! It was strawberry and chocolate cake.
My cake...sad to say I really don't remember eating my cake. But it looked pretty!
pink, green, and a little bling.
we danced all. night. long. I even did a little Soulja Boy! gotta have my rap!
...and we were off to Hotlanta for a few hours before we left for Jamaica! Can I go back and get married again? It was so fun!!


bedding, glider, and a baby model.

I finally got around to taking pictures of Grayson's bedding that arrived last week...I love it! JavisDavis is great!

The finished product!
...and here is the glider! I think we will spend many late nights rocking in this!
...and now I give you my baby model. We had to test out the crib...why not use my first baby?
poor baby has NO idea what will happen in just 13 weeks!
Just for good measure, I thought I would include this picture...
Jack was not so sure how he felt about the gigantic new "pet" behind our house.
He looks so tiny! Our whole neighborhood is in a building frenzy. Houses are going up across the street and right next door...not very peaceful. In fact, if the construction workers across the street turn up the World Cup any louder, I may actually begin to think I am in South Africa watching futbol. Go USA?


just call me katie jones.

I have been in a mad rush to complete the whole "make-your-house-a-home" thing all summer. I want everything in its place before Grayson arrives and I would love to have no more naked walls. However, decorating a new house AND buying lots of baby things is frackin' EXPENSIVE! I am having to get creative and be frugal...frugalness is not my thing. I am not a good deal finder or coupon cutter...but I am learning. Luckily, I am friends with THE Katie Jones. Ya know, famous frugalista blogger/DIY extraordinaire! She has inspired me to be crafty and save money.
I love love love Ballard Designs. They have all of these pattern prints in their catalog that I love. This set of 9 prints is $169. $169?!? Too much for paper prints.
I wanted the same look for one of our guest rooms. I found 9 of these frames at The Dollar Tree. Score!
Scrapbook paper is my favorite. You can do so many fun things with all the pretty papers they have out there! I went to Hobby Lobby and found 9 pieces of scrapbook for $0.59 each. Not too bad, right?
A can of bronze metallic spray paint later and voila! Ugly dollar store frame no more.
...and my finished product!
SO easy and with the paint, frames, & paper I only spent $20.30! Katie...you impressed? I'm learning! I also finished the no-sew window panels for the same guest room. After we touch up the paint in there today, I will take a picture of the room. I gotta get it ready...we have guests coming in a week and a half!!