recap: first week of summer!

Summer is HERE and I can't tell you how nice it has been to not have to wake up to an alarm clock! I've been kinda slack about updates so get ready for a recap of the first week (plus some) of my summer break...
We got out of school on the 21st (hallelujah!) and I headed down to Atlanta shortly after for a wedding! What was supposed to be a 3 hour 15 minute trip turned into an absolute nightmare. Remember that lovely flood we had a few weeks ago? It is still causing problems. As soon as I got to Grundy County, TN (yep. just like the song.) I had to put my car in park. I sat. and sat. and sat. Stupid flood caused a huge sinkhole that made me sit for THREE HOURS. I told you..nightmare! But, alas, I made it to Atlanta...just in time to go to bed. :)
The wedding was for an old family friend...Julie Barry! Her mom and my mom are really good friends and Julie always got my hand-me-downs when we were little! Wasn't she a beautiful bride?! Congrats to the new married couple!!
Me & the parentals at the wedding. I have come to the conclusion that maternity clothes designers do not want pregnant people to wear colorful dresses. Unless you spend $300. Boo for that.
Early last week I got to hang out with one of my favorite 7 year olds! Mary and I met at Sweet Cece's to show this little guy how fun it is to design your own fro-yo. Good times were had...hence the chocolate surrounding his mouth!
I made a visit to my favorite first time mama, Caron, and little miss Molly Cate!
She praised Jesus while I was there... :)
I went to the movies with these fun girls! (Kristy, Mary, me, and Katie) Sad that SATC is now over...I shall miss Carrie Bradshaw and her ridiculous fashion. The movie got bad reviews (shocking) but I loved it! The clothes are like art...so pretty to stare at for 2 1/2 hours!
aannndddd I was "that pregnant girl" that went to a bar with my friends. Diet coke just isn't the same at a bar. However, bar food is even tastier when you have a certain tape worm named Grayson in your belly! We had fun!

Ben had yesterday off of work AND is off today! That never happens..I feel like a giddy teenager trying to plan "dates" for us to do. Any ideas?
We were very productive yesterday and made 2 big purchases...we bought the glider AND a new camera! We ordered that glider in chocolate brown yesterday & got the ottoman for FREE thanks to Caron and her couponing skills. :) I have been wanting a nice camera for a long time and we figured now was the time since we will have a really fun new baby to photograph soon! We got the Nikon D3000 and I can't wait to figure it out! The pups may or may not be my subjects for the next few months...

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Jennifer said...

I'm pretty sure I'm jealous you are off all summer!!! GRRR you teachers! :)