a night at the pig

We spent last night at the Bunganut Pig in downtown Franklin. I've been wanting to go there for a while...it's actually only like half a mile from our old house! It's a really neat place with indoor & outdoor seating and they have live music. It actually wasn't miserably hot last night and I didn't melt! Hallelujah!
Ben and I before dinner
BKJ (Blog Katie Jones) and Josh
Kristy & Steven
Mary and I
Mary, please continue to work on your tan. You are looking pasty. thanks.
It was all nice & dandy until I started feeling sick. Not fun when you are at a restaurant. We ended up leaving earlier than I would have wanted..but it was fun while it lasted! Definitely a place we will go again! I was sick all last night (no fun) and am still not feeling 100% this morning. I guess today will actually be a day of rest. I do have to run to Babies-R-Us at some point to pick up our glider! Woohoo! Happy Sunday!

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