happy father's day!

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!
I love my dad. I am his only kid...so we're pretty tight! :) Here are some things I love about my dad...
  • He is a really good sport. There are quite a few pictures of us when I was little where he is letting me put rollers in his hair and make him all pretty...hehe
  • He is the most loyal Georgia fan I have ever met. Rain, shine, hot August weather, or freezing cold fall weather...he will be in Sanford stadium wearing all black and red...cheering on his Dawgs. He's the reason I love SEC football!
  • He makes me laugh. I loved going on family vacations with just my parents growing up...my dad can be pretty goofy and can always make us laugh!
  • He's a good listener. I know I can always call my dad...even when he is at work...and talk his ear off & I know he will always listen!
  • He works really hard to provide for his family. He let me go to the college of my choice even though it was out of state and for that I will always be greatful!
  • He gives good advice. Enough said:)
  • He loves a clean car. His motto is: "A clean car reflects it owner." Haha:) ...and, he's always clean! Guess it's true.
  • He will be a GREAT Grandpa to Grayson...I can't wait to see it in action!

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