bedding, glider, and a baby model.

I finally got around to taking pictures of Grayson's bedding that arrived last week...I love it! JavisDavis is great!

The finished product!
...and here is the glider! I think we will spend many late nights rocking in this!
...and now I give you my baby model. We had to test out the crib...why not use my first baby?
poor baby has NO idea what will happen in just 13 weeks!
Just for good measure, I thought I would include this picture...
Jack was not so sure how he felt about the gigantic new "pet" behind our house.
He looks so tiny! Our whole neighborhood is in a building frenzy. Houses are going up across the street and right next door...not very peaceful. In fact, if the construction workers across the street turn up the World Cup any louder, I may actually begin to think I am in South Africa watching futbol. Go USA?


Jennifer said...

I love the bedding! Very cute!

Jennifer said...

love love this!!!! ahh i can't wait to meet him! you are going to put a lot of miles on that glider.

Lynsey said...

I love the bedding!