I have been a decorating/get-my-house-dunzo fool this summer. I know I won't be able to do it once the baby gets here so I am using my summer wisely! For the past year and a half our guest bedrooms have been a uber-boring shade of builder grade tan. B O R I N G. Totally not me. Ben and I have been busy little workers getting these 2 rooms in order...and folks, here is the first look at (almost) complete guest bedrooms!
Guest bedroom #1. I shall call this room: Mocha Frappacino. Yay no-sew curtains! I bought that fabric at Hobby Lobby and and just used some no-sew iron on tape to hem them. Voila! Oh, and by the way, that lamp was courtesy of Ross for a total of $14.
Finally hung up my little DIY art project!
This duvet cover came from Target a few months ago and was on clearance for a ridiculously low price. I grabbed it and didn't look back! I'm on the hunt for something to make a headboard...antique doors/shutters/any ideas?
This room makes me SO happy now! I got it in my head last week that I wanted it painted and I wanted it painted now. We have had the bedding since we got married & I love its beachy-ness.
Wal-Mart lamp purchased with gift card=$16. Yes please. Had to add a little bit of Oxford in this room...I love me some Old Taylor Grocery:)
I was planning on making drop cloth curtains for this room...however, Marshalls saved the day! These window panels have the same linen look and were (drum roll please) $7.00 each! I feel as though I stole them...love me a deal!
Now, all we need are some guests!

Ellie and Huddy are ready for the visitors coming on Sunday...my mom, aunt June, and cousin Robyn! They will be the first guests in our new rooms...I love that every room in the house is finally painted and it is feeling complete!