When mama & daddy are away...

...the dogs will play.


11 weeks

Woohoo! So close to the end of the first trimester!
Here is the cute shirt that my friends gave me...I love it & my little September baby! This will be my belly pic shirt...for as long as it can hold the belly, anyway:)

*How far along?: 11 weeks!
*Total weight gain?: Still no gain
*How big is baby?: the size of a lime!
*Sex: Won't know that until April! I still think we're having a boy!
*Maternity clothes: I don't have to wear any yet. I did buy some super cute dresses dirt cheap from Old Navy!
*Stretch marks: Nope. Mama Mio cream is in...just started using it! Hope it doesn't let me down!
*Sleep: like a rock.
*Best moment this week: I am feeling 100% back to myself. Energy is coming back & I haven't been getting sick.
*Movement: I'm sure he/she is moving...but I can't feel it!
*Food cravings: Not really...I have started un-craving diet coke. SO odd for me! It doesn't taste bad to me, I just don't really want it.
*Labor signs: not for about 29 more weeks...
*Belly button in or out: in
*What I miss: nothing...right now enjoying the fact that there is a little lime inside of me!!
*What I'm looking forward to: finding out if it is a boy or a girl!!


pimp my blog.

Notice anything different?? My once boring & blah blog got a complete overhaul thanks to Leslie @ Lamberts Lately!! oh. my. gosh. I love it!!! Leslie is so talented & was super easy to work with. I recommend her if your blog needs a facelift, too! Please go check out her cute lil' blog!
Thanks Leslie!!

Weekend & Meal Plan (almost) Monday

Our weather this weekend was perfect. We went from freezing temps/dreary weather to beautiful sunshine and temperatures in the 50s! I gladly welcome this change. Sunshine, please stay. Winter, please feel free to go away. It was so nice to have Ben home this weekend! We have been very productive. We spread new mulch in the yard, the cars are clean, we ran errands, and we sorted a BUNCH of stuff to clear out a room for baby! We decided to switch the original nursery with one of our guest bedrooms because the surround sound speakers are uber loud upstairs. Sorry if you are a future guest--ha! This will be my first 5 day work week since December...wish me & the kids luck! We may go crazy!

Menu Plan for this week:
Monday: Ben is at work...rice/cheese quesadillas for me
Tuesday: Tacos for Ben/Quesadillas for me
Wednesday: Chicken Parm bites with mashed potatoes & some sort of steamed veggie
Thursday: Grilled chicken and roasted rosemary sweet potatoes
Friday: no clue!


10 weeks

Well folks, here it goes! The weekly updates of Baby May..."Lomatini" as my friends have been calling him/her. Don't worry, I know you are all dying to see "belly pics" but as of now, there is really not a belly. Now don't get me wrong, I see a small difference. You just can't see it through clothes. Maybe that will hold off for a couple more weeks? So here is what our little babe is this week: a prune. Yuck. Dislike prunes. It blows my mind that our baby is that small (1.5 inches long) and is already sprouting legs & arms! Amazing!
*How far along?: 10 weeks!
*Total weight gain?: No gain yet..lost about 3lbs. due to morning (or night) sickness. Think that is about over!
*How big is baby?: only an inch and a half long
*Sex: Won't know that until April! I think it is a boy.
*Maternity clothes: All my clothes still fit!
*Stretch marks: Nope. Just ordered my Mama Mio tummy rub cream! Other people swear by it. Also drinking lots of water...heard that helps too?
*Sleep: Sleeping just fine!
*Best moment this week: Got a REALLY cute shirt from my friends! THANKS GIRLS! It will be my belly pic shirt. I'll post a picture of it later. Also, decided to move the nursery to a different bedroom. Makes it seem real to be able to talk about a nursery!
*Movement: Our prune is just too small for movement.
*Food cravings: I crave food pregnant or not pregnant. Hard to tell the difference. Loved me some apple sauce this week, though!
*Labor signs: not for about 30 more weeks...
*Belly button in or out: in
*What I miss: eating dinner & not feeling sick afterwards...being able to take legit headache medicine! Tylenol just won't cut it.
*What I'm looking forward to: Well, we have the proof that a baby is in there! I'm now ready for the physical proof...ready for a lil bump.


wordless wednesday

[my first picture of Hudson while he was still a stray...look how skinny he was!]


My best friend got married!!

This past weekend was so much fun. Ben and I got to venture down to Oxford, MS for a fun wedding weekend! Whitney & Matt tied the knot! I must warn you, I am posting LOTS of pictures...
Here is the happy couple at the rehearsal dinner!
The 3 Muskateers were happy to be reunited!
Ben & I at the rehearsal dinner
The wedding was PERFECT! They got married in the chapel on the Ole Miss campus & had the reception at a big ol' house called the Colonel's Quarters. Cathleen and I were the first ones in the bridal suite and when we saw her wedding dress hanging...it literally took my breath away. Isn't is gorgeous?? The veil is made from Matt's moms wedding dress & she had no idea Whitney was goin to wear it. She was so excited when she saw it!
I love the front of the dress!
Ben and I at the reception...I'm pretty annoyed this is out of order! :)
Leener and I getting ready for the big day!
All of the bridesmaids. We all got to pick out our own purple dresses...I love the way it turned out!
Still can't believe Whit is married!
Almost time!
Stunning. That's all I've got.
They did it! Now, time to party! Don't you love her hair? So Carrie Bradshaw...
Matt's cake...His tahoe...a dead deer...some fields...and a real estate sign. Perfect!
I like icing. Therefore, I loved all this icing! Yum.
Really?! A candy bar??? Why didn't I think of that? I may have had a few pieces of rock candy during the reception...
The bling...I guess I would say Matt did a pretty good job!
The happy couple...love y'all!!:)
Congratulations to the McGraw's!!!


oh, baby.

We have had a very exciting 4 weeks over here in the May household!

We're having a baby!!!

We found out 4 weeks ago...and this has been THE hardest secret I have ever kept! Ben and I went to the doctor on Thursday and got to see our sweet little baby. Still to early to hear a heartbeat, but you could definitely see it! I am a little over 9 weeks along & our due date is September 18, 2010. We are SO excited!! I can't wait to meet this little person inside of me. The quality of the picture is horrible (boo for no working scanner) but I still think that is one cute little grape!!


So excited...

...because this girl is getting married on SATURDAY!!! This may be my favorite picture of us ever...explains us so well. Ha!
The 3 Muskateers from Ole Miss will reunite in Oxford on Friday!!
Eeek! I am SO excited!!
Only this time, there will be no nights spent at the Library listening to DJ Mario...*tear*
Or hanging out on the balcony at the Library...
Did we do anything besides go to the Library?...
These 2 girls make my heart happy.
These 2 girls are DEFINITELY the reason I did not have a mental breakdown during senior year!!
Next time I see these girls, it won't be at my wedding. It will be at Whit & Matt's wedding!!
I am not sure Oxford is ready for us!!!



I recently said I wanted to officially decorate our 2 guest bedrooms. Right now they have a flat, boring, blah builder grade tan paint on the walls. I like color. I mean, the paint in our family room is literally called lime green. I can't handle boring walls! Well, one of our guest rooms has our old duvet cover. I loved this duvet cover. It's from Pottery Barn and was a really pretty green...however, I learned the hard way that face products do not mix well with pretty duvet covers. 2 words: bleach spots. Sad Loma.
Well on one of our snow/ice days, I made myself get out of the house & go to Target, Hobby Lobby, and TJ Maxx. Those are my 3 favorites...love me a good bargain! I glanced at Target's bedding and found a duvet on CLEARANCE for $34!! I was so excited! I grabbed it and found the 2 matching shams and raced to my other 2 destinations. This is the bedding...very simple..
I found an accent pillow with blues and browns at TJ Maxx. My guest room is beginning to look like a real room! So now all I keep thinking about is paint. I really want a Ralph Lauren textured paint....and guess what? I think I want an earthy/neutral tone. What's wrong with me? This one is called Canyon Fossil.

Ballard Designs is my new favorite. I am obsessed. I absolutely LOVE these pictures! I have been wanting to buy some scrapbook paper and frame it...basically I want this. I can totally make this happen for like 1/8 the cost!

Now, if it would just warm up so I can open these windows and paint!