Weekend & Meal Plan (almost) Monday

Our weather this weekend was perfect. We went from freezing temps/dreary weather to beautiful sunshine and temperatures in the 50s! I gladly welcome this change. Sunshine, please stay. Winter, please feel free to go away. It was so nice to have Ben home this weekend! We have been very productive. We spread new mulch in the yard, the cars are clean, we ran errands, and we sorted a BUNCH of stuff to clear out a room for baby! We decided to switch the original nursery with one of our guest bedrooms because the surround sound speakers are uber loud upstairs. Sorry if you are a future guest--ha! This will be my first 5 day work week since December...wish me & the kids luck! We may go crazy!

Menu Plan for this week:
Monday: Ben is at work...rice/cheese quesadillas for me
Tuesday: Tacos for Ben/Quesadillas for me
Wednesday: Chicken Parm bites with mashed potatoes & some sort of steamed veggie
Thursday: Grilled chicken and roasted rosemary sweet potatoes
Friday: no clue!

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