It has been a long week. I loved being in Louisiana and seeing my family. The funeral could not have been more perfect. It really was a beautiful celebration of life which is exactly what she wanted. I also got to see a few cute little ones while I was in Baton Rouge...always a plus! This little one might be a plumber in the future:) I don't care, she is still so darn cute!
Here is Hailey from her better side! ha

I got to meet, hold, and love on baby Brooke. She is perfect.

Brady was my little friend all weekend. I just can't get enough of him! You can see a cat in the corner of this picture...poor cat. Brady chased him around for 30 minutes yelling "meow, meow!" the whole time.

We close on our house tomorrow. I should be packing, but I had to throw a post in about my week. I can't wait to be all moved in & settled!
Lastly, today Nana would have been 81. She is getting to sing with a choir of angels in Heaven on her birthday...doesn't get much better than that!



for Jack! I submitted this picture in to the Bissell MVP Pet Photo contest. They are trying to find the next model for their vacuums. Go to the link below and vote for Jack..he really wants to win!!


Votes are only allowed for the next 2 weeks...so hurry!! :)



My sweet Nana went to be with her Jesus this morning. She simply fell asleep surrounded by her 3 daughters and their childhood best friend. (basically the 4th daughter) It was very peaceful and for that I am thankful. I have been praying for weeks now that when it was her time to leave us, that she not feel any pain at all. The Lord answered all of our prayers.

I am now in Louisiana sitting on her worn couch in the house where I have spent many Christmas Eve's with the whole family, Christmas mornings with just Nana & my parents, lots of summer visits with the cousins, and now where I am saying goodbye. I am so blessed to have had her in my life, much less to be able to call her my Nana. I have so much comfort right now knowing that she is with her Father in Heaven.

Thanks to all the family & friends who have been praying for Nana and our family for the past few months. We have literally been covered in prayers and it has been such a blessing. It is so hard to think that she will never have the chance to hold and love on my own babies, but I am confident that she will be with me every step of the way.


2 weeks

I totally stole this picture from facebook...but I just had to brag about the sweet little baby that joined our family on Thursday. Meet Brooke Elizabeth. Hailey is going to be such a great big sister! Don't you just love those cheeks?? I am hoping to go see these cute girls over my spring break for a few days. Hopefully I can make that happen!!
In other news, in less than 2 weeks we will be moving in to our first real home! I am beyond excited! We went over to check it out yesterday (of course..it is part of the weekend routine now) and they have pretty much finished all of the painting, put down all the carpet, AND we have a fence in the back for the dogs! Not only a finished fence, but also a fence that is too high for Hudson to jump over. (we hope) He ran away yesterday..for the 3rd time. I think he just likes adventure as well as giving his mama a heart attack. He was only gone for about 20 minutes and he found his way back on his own. Anywho...here are some pictures of the house!


Hearts Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Now I usually think this "holiday" is super overreated...too commercial. I mean, what is with the little person in a diaper shooting people with love arrows? Weird. However, it is my first Valentine's Day being married so it was somewhat special. Ben had to work all day but he does know me well. I always say that he does not have to get me flowers on Valentine's Day because they are so overpriced...but what girl doesn't appreciate flowers?? My favorites are tulips...he actually gave them to me on our first Valentine's Day together. So anyway, he goes to work & I hop in the shower to get ready for the day. Meanwhile, the dogs start going absolutely crazy. Kind of freaks me out actually because I thought someone was at the door. I come out and grab a box at my door...a dozen pretty tulips:) Such a sweet hubs.
So then you may ask...why do I also have 2 dozen roses?! Well....since Ben worked all night, I had a "date" with Mary. Movie, La Paz, & a shopping trip to my favorite store: Trader Joe's! I was pretty bummed when they did not have my $2 wine...but a cute little cashier quickly turned my frown upside down. He gave us both 2 dozen roses each...for free! Woohoo! So now I have a house full of pretty flowers! I'm starting to love this holiday!

I leave you with a glimpse of my sweet, precious, & fiesty chihuahua...my other date. He's cute...he knows it.

Pictures of the house will be coming tomorrow. For now, I am taking care of my other date, Hudson, who apparently has a stomach bug. Ew. Happy Hearts Day!


Just because...

If you know me for longer than 5 minutes, you know that my little baby is Jack. I was deleting some pictures off my computer & came across these...makes me smile:) Who knew that this spur of the moment purchase at 19 would make me so happy? This is for Jack's Nana...how could you not love this face?
A true teacup pup!


This one is for Mom...

My mom has been begging for me to update my oh-so-interesting blog with house pictures...so here you go! I know everyone has been dying for an update....haha. We will be moving in less than 3 weeks! So hard to believe!

Here is the front of the house with grass and some landscaping.
They finally installed the hardwoods!

It looks official now that we have a mailbox. :)
Part of the backyard..the fence will go back to the end of the seeding.

More backyard...

The house will be finished in 2 weeks and then they will have 1 week to fix any problems. We have gotten a new couch, new bedroom stuff, and today we bought our washer and dryer. It will be so nice to have a dryer that is not older than I am! We are almost homeowners!