Hearts Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Now I usually think this "holiday" is super overreated...too commercial. I mean, what is with the little person in a diaper shooting people with love arrows? Weird. However, it is my first Valentine's Day being married so it was somewhat special. Ben had to work all day but he does know me well. I always say that he does not have to get me flowers on Valentine's Day because they are so overpriced...but what girl doesn't appreciate flowers?? My favorites are tulips...he actually gave them to me on our first Valentine's Day together. So anyway, he goes to work & I hop in the shower to get ready for the day. Meanwhile, the dogs start going absolutely crazy. Kind of freaks me out actually because I thought someone was at the door. I come out and grab a box at my door...a dozen pretty tulips:) Such a sweet hubs.
So then you may ask...why do I also have 2 dozen roses?! Well....since Ben worked all night, I had a "date" with Mary. Movie, La Paz, & a shopping trip to my favorite store: Trader Joe's! I was pretty bummed when they did not have my $2 wine...but a cute little cashier quickly turned my frown upside down. He gave us both 2 dozen roses each...for free! Woohoo! So now I have a house full of pretty flowers! I'm starting to love this holiday!

I leave you with a glimpse of my sweet, precious, & fiesty chihuahua...my other date. He's cute...he knows it.

Pictures of the house will be coming tomorrow. For now, I am taking care of my other date, Hudson, who apparently has a stomach bug. Ew. Happy Hearts Day!

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