This one is for Mom...

My mom has been begging for me to update my oh-so-interesting blog with house pictures...so here you go! I know everyone has been dying for an update....haha. We will be moving in less than 3 weeks! So hard to believe!

Here is the front of the house with grass and some landscaping.
They finally installed the hardwoods!

It looks official now that we have a mailbox. :)
Part of the backyard..the fence will go back to the end of the seeding.

More backyard...

The house will be finished in 2 weeks and then they will have 1 week to fix any problems. We have gotten a new couch, new bedroom stuff, and today we bought our washer and dryer. It will be so nice to have a dryer that is not older than I am! We are almost homeowners!

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