Eventful Saturday

Today was a productive & busy Saturday! I went out to lunch with some of my teacher friends...always an interesting get together. It was nice to a) eat in a room outside of Chapman's Retreat and b) not sit in chairs made for 6 year olds. We went to Jason's Deli (mainly for the free soft serve ice cream...) and had a cone contest. Johnell & I are really good at putting some soft serve on a cone! Too bad I'm allergic to milk..not a good idea. Afterwards we all went to the Parent Teacher Store to spend the rest of our school money. It is so fun to spend money when it is not mine! I stocked up.

I also took some of my first visitors to the house! We have working plumbing and electricity. Here are some pictures:

Yay for appliances!

...and lights!

oh yeah, and granite!

This is for Caron..do you love our polka dots?

Master bath...so excited about this!

Okay, so this is not of the house. We played Twister in my class this week and I think this picture is really fun. Watching 6 year olds balance was hilarious! They loved it!

Okay...back to our house. Our fireplace is now painted!

And this picture is just because it makes me happy. Here is Hudson saying, "No Mama, I promise I did not eat a dryer sheet!" Haha...goofiest dog ever. It was about this time 1 year ago that this "little" guy walked into my life. He went from being a dumpster diver to an inside dog who loves...vegetables, dryer sheets, cheese, little dog toys, his "big" brother Jack, and his squeeky soccer ball. Our life would be pretty boring without him!

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Unknown said...

oh my word what a beautiful house!!