If you have not read this blog, you need to. This family has been on my heart a lot lately. After you read their story, you will understand why. I have always believed in the power of prayer & have seen some amazing things happen because of this.

Neat story...my Nana has been part of a church family for a long time. Because she has been so sick lately and unable to walk much, she has spent her Sundays watching church on tv. Well when she went in the hospital on Jan. 2, she was put on her church prayer list. I make lists of prayer requests in my journal...but apparently I am way behind on the times. My 80 year old Nana got a beeper from a deacon at her church and anytime someone prays for her, they call the beeper and it beeps! My mom said that within the first hour they had it, it beeped almost 100 times! Amazing! It is such a great feeling knowing that people all over are praying for my sweet Nana. And my goodness...has it worked:) They are thinking she will leave the hospital sometime this week! God is good!

Anyways, read about the Riggs family & keep their sweet little girl in your prayers.

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