A year in pictures..

I've been thinking about how much has happened in the past year...and I have come to realize that this has been the best year ever! So much has happened since I started my senior year (part deux) at Ole Miss.

Here is the family picture from Christmas 2007 at Nana's in Louisiana. We had 2 very cute babies with us last Christmas and we had so much fun!

My fabulous friend Claire took our engagement pictures at Rowan Oak in Oxford. So fun! Look at her website...she is AWESOME!!

This striking young man waltzed into my life in the beginning of February 2008. He was one of the neighborhood strays and was so pitiful. He had an embedded collar, mange, and was so skinny. However, I am a softy and he was too sweet to pass up. This is one of my first pictures with Hudson Hill May:)

Who would have thought on one of my pointless drives around the back roads of Mississippi that I would meet this (un)lovable guy?! Meet Lloyd.

Yep, he is pretty much the coolest llama ever. I seriously want one of these guys.

I lived in a place where you could not go through Spring without eating some of these yummy creatures.

My mom came to Oxford for one of my showers! It was Double Decker on the Square & we had the pleasure to listening to my best friend's husband play with his band!

I spent my last semester student teaching 4th graders in Oxford. Kylan, Sha'Quavious, and Marcel were some of my faves:) They were pretty impressed when they found out their white student teacher could do Soulja Boy with them!

After 5 very fun years in a very small town in Mississippi, I finally graduated. The 3 Musketeers survived the School of Education.

Ben and I found this cute little house in June & signed a lease! The summer included lots of wedding gifts...woohoo!

Phil & Alex got married one month before us. We're growing up!

My cousin Blakely had a baby shower at my house in GA. She had sweet Ashton a few weeks after our wedding.
This was the summer we had our Cheney family reunion in the north Georgia mountains. About 70 people came...lots of yummy food & lots of good company! Here we are with Papa & Carol and the rest of the bunch. Please notice that one of the babies is upside down...only Scott...

The weekend after our reunion, we had another reunion of sorts. Our wedding! It was such a fun weekend and I wish I could go back in time and do it all again! We just celebrated our 6 month anniversary and it is hard to believe how fast the time does go by. I hope 2009 is as great as 2008 was!

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