New Year, New Blog

BoldI have decided to give this whole "blog" thing a try. I figured I would ring in the new year by trying out something new! 2008 was a pretty crazy & exciting year...LOTS of new things!

*In May, Ben and I both graduated from Ole Miss--finally:)
*In June we came up to Franklin, found our little bungalow, and signed our lease!
*In July, we got married, honeymooned, and moved to Tennessee. I am exhausted just thinking about that month!
*In August I was welcomed in to the real world by accepting a job teaching 1st grade.
*In October we started building a house here in Franklin.

So in 2008 I got a college degree, a new hubby, a new city, a new home, a new car (yes!), a new job, etc. I can't wait to see what all 2009 brings...it is sure to be an exciting year!


yorks said...

yeah!so glad you're bloggin'!!

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson said...

Welcome to the blog world, my friend! :)