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I've been tagged by Amanda...so here it goes:)

25 Random Things About Me

25. I love my middle name, Cheney. It is my mom's maiden name and I have always loved it because it is different.
24. I was set on going to Clemson until the middle of my senior year in high school. I have never regretted going to Ole Miss because I met my hubby, some of my best friends, and I got to live in a cute small town.
23. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to have a big family. I blame that on being an only child.
22. I get over-heated a lot. I passed out in a shower at a NYC hotel in high school because I got too hot.
21. I have a BIG soft spot for animals. I would rescue every dog if I could. Everytime an animal dies in a movie, I am hysterical.
20. I treat my chihuahua like a human. He is spoiled rotten.
19. The room I grew up in is painted hot pink and orange. It makes me very happy.
18. Ben & I have together for over 4 years...I really can't remember what life was like before him! He is the only guy I've ever loved...well, besides my daddy:)
17. I am allergic to milk. However, I love all milk products. Ironic.
16. When I was in high school, I hiked up to the top of a mountain in British Columbia in 7 days. It was the hardest thing I 've ever done in my life...but so much fun!
15. I've been to Mexico, Poland, and Peru on mission trips. Each one changed me.
14. I bite my nails to the point where they hurt.
13. I have a long big toe that my husband lovingly (or maybe not..) makes fun of:)
12. Ben taught me how to burp...and now regrets it. Haha..
11. I'm really weird with water. If I drink it out of the bottle, it must be room temperature. However, if it is tap water, it must be ice cold.
10. I love to watch Law & Order: SVU before I go to bed which makes me have creepy dreams.
9. I have music ADD. When I am listening to music in the car, I never finish the song.
8. Cookbooks are my favorite. I love looking through them.
7. I've sung the National Anthem at a few Braves games....(with my high school choir)
6. I've sung in rodeos & at the Macon Cherry Blossom Festival. Yeehaw!
5. I'm really only competitive when I play games with Ben. I just really love to beat him!
4. If I lived in L.A I would definitely be a professional celebrity stalker.
3. I'm a daydreamer.
2. I learned to surf in high school.
1. I only wear 2 rings. I wear my wedding ring(duh) and my great-grandmother's pearl ring that my Nana gave to me when I was 13.

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