Dr. Pepper

I have a classroom full of kids that can sometimes drive me crazy...but the funny things they say totally make teaching 1st grade worth it! (And those great girls I work with too...they're pretty neat)

Well, yesterday some of the boys in the class seemed to have lost their minds and I made them move their clip to yellow. For one of these kiddos, this has a been a pattern for about 10 days now..yikes! Well, during recess, I made him sit out and write an apology letter for his behavior in class and this is what I got:

Dear Mrs. May,
I am very sorry for being on yellow again. It's just all the Dr. Pepper!

Hahaha. He told me a couple days ago that his mom had been buying Dr. Pepper and he was drinking a lot of it so he thinks that is why he has been getting in trouble. Too funny. It was hard to be mad at him after that note:)

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