Sunday Seven

I am copying Allison at The Story of 5 tonight. Each week she does a "Sunday Seven" & writes 7 good things that happened during her week. This was an especially hard week for me...as far as school goes. This week I really felt like God stretched me as thin as I could go. I have been praying all weekend for strength this week. I need to make myself remember good things that happened:

1. Ben put together an entertainment center for our bonus room upstairs. Once we move our couch up there, it will look like a complete room. We got it from Pottery Barn Kids (same quality, hello cheaper furniture!) and it looks great. Perfect for now...perfect for future play room:)

2. Quality girl time on Friday night. I needed it like you wouldn't believe.

3. Alex & Phil came in town this weekend!! We went to Jonathan's Grille on Saturday night to watch the soggy Georgia game and I had lunch with them today. I keep pushing for them to move here after Phil finishes dental school in Memphis:)

4. I made awesome corn chowder tonight. It is yummy & smells like fall!

5. I went to a farmers market today to pick up all my pumpkins & some mums. I love fall and this made me so happy!

6. Talking to Whit this afternoon. Soulmate found senior year of college. Seriously. I am so happy I now get to see her in November:) Might make a paper chain to count down the days...

7. I have the BEST husband ever. I'm not one for corny-gushy-over the top people...but seriously, I love him. Quite frankly, this week was terrible. As Alexander puts it...it was a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad" week! He let me come home each day...vent...be grouchy....and he was still nice to me! He even was on my side:) I am so thankful that I get to spend each day with my best friend.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Menu Plan (almost) Monday

We have a busy week ahead of us! I have conferences on Tuesday until 7:00 (boo!) and we will be preparing for our 3 guests this coming weekend! Ryan, Collin, & Matt are coming up Friday morning for the Ole Miss/Vandy game. I am so excited for visitors! Phil & Alex were here this weekend & next weekend we have more friends coming....love it! Busy week means easy food...here is my plan for this week:

Tonight: Roasted chicken w/ white bbq sauce, sauteed baby potatoes, & green beans
Monday: Trader Joes enchiladas, chips with salsa verde
Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner (pancakes & bacon)
Wednesday: Chicken & Corn chowder with baquette bread
Thursday: on my own:)
Fri-Sun: Exploring new yummy Nashville places with friends!

I just bought some mums & pumpkins galore. I absolutely LOVE fall...it is my favorite season! Pictures coming soon:)


I heart Trader Joes.

I have started doing most of my grocery shopping at Trader Joes on a weekly basis. It has an awesome selection of fresh/organic food AND it is cheaper than my regular grocery store. I love it! They even have a guy walk around waving around a giant question mark...just in case you ever have a question. He is my favorite.

Trader Joes is responsible for the bulk of my dinner tonight. YUMMY heirloom tomato & fresh mozzarella salad. So. Incredibly. Good.
AND a homemade barbeque chicken pizza. If you had smell-o-computer, your mouth would be watering. I promise.
If you haven't been here....you NEED to go!!!



Each day during calendar time with my 1st graders we talk about different states. Okay, not each day. If we did that, we would be half through the US by this point. Anywho, we learn a few states a week & sing a fun song (shout out K.Hicks) & have a grand ole time. It's a snapping song. I may or may not do the snapping song just so I get the chance to say "get your snap on" on a regular basis. OKAY...on to the point...

So today we talked about North Carolina. We learned the capital & then I told them the fun fact about the first airplane that took flight in North Carolina. I thought it would be fun to have my 6 and 7 year olds guess what year this happened. Two VERY eager little boys jumped up and down trying so hard not to scream out....you know, sitting "criss cross apple sauce" bouncing their hands SO high in the air as if I couldn't them otherwise. This was how the conversation went:

"Okay..what year do you think the first airplane took flight?....it was a really long time ago!"

"ooooh ooooooh 1999!!!!!!"

"um, Mrs. May was in HIGH SCHOOL in 1999. It happened way before that."

"oooooooh ooooooh I know!!!!!!! 1991....that was so long ago!"

"hmmm...I was actually in first grade in 1991."

...I am officially old. My kids think the 90's were a gazillion years ago.


Dwight K. Schrute.

Season 6 starts tonight. Oh my gosh...I have been anticipating this for a long time. I love spending quality couch time with my favorite office staff!!


Menu Plan

I have really bad at planning out our meals ever since school started. I come home, am really tired, and we usually go out to eat. I figure I will plan it out this week & see if I can improve. Now if only I could snap my fingers and make the meals cook themselves...

Monday: Enchilada Pie ~ you know I love mexican AND paula!!
Tuesday: Slow Cooker White Bean & Chicken Chili
Wednesday: Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, & green beans (boring, i know)
Thursday: on my own:(
Friday: Barbeque Chicken Pizza ~ I love getting the fresh pizza dough from Publix...it's really good!

Happy eating!


In honor of college football...

One of the many reasons I miss college is having cheap football season tickets. I miss the student section at Vaught-Hemingway. It was quite an obnoxious section, but hey, your in college & that's okay. Right? So in honor of college football, instead of yelling at the tv like my husband may or may not be doing while watching Bama play, I am showing you an assortment of gameday pictures. Everyone is dying to see them, right? Thanks for humoring me.
Margie and I...junior year perhaps?
Jac & I...of course sporting my "Colonel Reb is MY mascot!" sticker:) Hotty Toddy.
Speaking of mascots...
So sad it was our last home game as students...I miss my partners in crime!!

LSU game in the grove. I had to pose with the pimps of Tiger Pimp Nation. Google them. I promise you will NOT be disappointed!
Hidden treasure of the south....THE GROVE!
Ole Miss/UGA game in Athens. I was having a team crisis...notice the colors. Love the Rebels...will ALWAYS be a dawg! (also....please note Ryan's blue & red pants. amazing)
Go Dawgs!!!
I'm really not kidding. I love them.
I will leave you with the CUTEST rebel I know.
There is nothing like SEC football. So from our confused SEC household to yours....Hotty Toddy, Roll Tide, & Go Dawgs!!!!


Show Us Your Life -- School Pictures

Sorry folks, I got nothin'. And by nothin', I mean no real school pictures. Atleast not on my computer. However, I decided to go old school and show a few pictures from the past.
In honor of college football season, I present you with the cutest little Georgia Bulldawg ever! (Hint: it's me)
This picture makes me laugh so hard. This was when Margie and I first moved into the Crosby dorm at Ole Miss. This was August 2003. We were obsessed with this dorm room! We spent the whole summer buying things that matched so that we could have the cutest dorm room ever. We look like little short-haired babies.
Oh, back to high school. I loved high school. This was graduation week...Senior Night on the Green. I think it was a slideshow of pictures? I don't know...all I know is that I was soaking up every ounce of time that I had left with these girls before we all split up!
Morning after Senior Formal...I wore that camo shirt ALL the time. So cool.
I was a Wyldlife leader for middle schoolers during my senior year. I loved it & it makes me sad that my kids are now in college! Weird! This was at Sharptop Cove.
Senior night at one of our (really awful) basketball games! Seriously, never let me cut my hair short again. Please.
That's all for now! Happy LONG weekend!