Show Us Your Life -- School Pictures

Sorry folks, I got nothin'. And by nothin', I mean no real school pictures. Atleast not on my computer. However, I decided to go old school and show a few pictures from the past.
In honor of college football season, I present you with the cutest little Georgia Bulldawg ever! (Hint: it's me)
This picture makes me laugh so hard. This was when Margie and I first moved into the Crosby dorm at Ole Miss. This was August 2003. We were obsessed with this dorm room! We spent the whole summer buying things that matched so that we could have the cutest dorm room ever. We look like little short-haired babies.
Oh, back to high school. I loved high school. This was graduation week...Senior Night on the Green. I think it was a slideshow of pictures? I don't know...all I know is that I was soaking up every ounce of time that I had left with these girls before we all split up!
Morning after Senior Formal...I wore that camo shirt ALL the time. So cool.
I was a Wyldlife leader for middle schoolers during my senior year. I loved it & it makes me sad that my kids are now in college! Weird! This was at Sharptop Cove.
Senior night at one of our (really awful) basketball games! Seriously, never let me cut my hair short again. Please.
That's all for now! Happy LONG weekend!

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