celebrating Cheney

Our little Cheney girl had a great few days celebrating her 1st birthday! Her birthday was last Thursday. It was rainy most of the day & we had a really low-key day at home just playing! The boys were SO excited about her birthday. It was really sweet. Grayson doted on her all day long!
My friend, Alex, made Cheney the cutest watermelon shirt for her birthday. She looked so cute in her ruffle bloomers & birthday shirt!
I made blueberry pancakes for the birthday girl (she had pizza for lunch. both her favorites!) & then she got her very own tiny chocolate cupcake. The boys sang "Happy birthday Chocolate Face" over & over...aren't they sweet? Ha! Sister LOVES her sweets and thinks this birthday stuff is pretty awesome.
We opened presents after dinner. Look at that big girl walking towards her gifts! She's getting there! Cheney got the Little People Disney princess castle, a stroller, & a baby doll. She LOVES the castle and all the singing princesses!
I have decided that there is nothing cuter than a baby pushing a baby!!
It was a fun day celebrating our girl. I still can't believe my bitty newborn is a toddling little 1 year old!
Cheney's party was on Saturday and we had a watermelon theme because our girl LOVES her some watermelon!
I LOVED her invitations! I told Amy my theme and colors & she created the cutest invite!
This was pretty much the extent of all decorations. I kept it pretty simple!
I do love her chalkboard! Making these is kind of therapeutic. This one will hang in her room!
The birthday girl! She was way too busy all day to stop & pose for pictures!

Cheney's smash cake was a success! She ate pretty much only icing & really liked the pretend watermelon seeds. She is our cleanest smash cake eater!
Cheney opened her presents afterwards. She had lots of preschool-aged helpers! For the first time in a year we have lots of girly toys. It is funny seeing a sea of pink things among our superheroes and trucks!
It was a great day celebrating Cheney with our family & friends. Our little watermelon loving girl had a blast!


Cheney: 12 months old

Cheney baby! YOU ARE A ONE YEAR OLD!!
The final stats:
Weight: 17.7lbs at the cardiologist!
Height: 29in
Clothing: all 12 month
Diaper: size 3
Shoe: size 4
Sister, you LOVE to eat. This month we finally started sitting at our new kitchen table and you sit in your booster at the table like a big kid! You've been eating off of plates & doing really well. You will still eat just about everything. Your favorite foods right now are watermelon, blueberries, anything with cheese, yogurt, cereal bars, any kind of rice, & goldfish. You are DONE with bottles & formula...hallelujah! You love whole milk.  You are easily going through a gallon a week! You had absolutely no problem giving up bottles & happily drink milk out of your sippy cup. I am so happy to never have bottles in this house again!
You are still a great sleeper! You dropped your morning a few weeks ago. You have been a trooper about that! You wake up EARLY but can usually hang until about 12:45-1:00 for your nap. You sleep until around 3:30 in the afternoon. Your bed is full of lovies and animals, but you have had to really become attached to one. You also sleep with a gazillion pacis. They are all thrown on the floor immediately when you wake up in the morning!
Happenings this month:
-you are SO CLOSE to getting a third tooth on the top. Your little gums are so swollen!
-you can take 5-6 steps when you want to. You are a lazy walker; you have a big brother who literally carries you all over the house so you have no need to walk! We practice a lot & you will walk if really want to.
-you are such a climber. It makes me crazy. You will climb on anything & I can't take my eyes off of you for even a second! We got a big inflatable water slide & you can crawl right up the big slide! All by yourself! You have absolutely no fear.
-you went on another really long road trip to Louisiana this month! You did pretty good in the car & had so much fun exploring new places!
-You are starting to really enjoy the pool/water. Well, unless it is really cold. You have let me put you under several times and it does not bother you. You love the inflatable slide & crawling all over it!
-doing big girl things like taking only one nap & drinking only out of a sippy cup!
-you really enjoy story time at the library & are finally sitting still for us to read to you!
-your THIRD tooth popped through this morning!!
Oh, Cheney baby, how can you already be 1?! I remember the day you were born so vividly. You had the squishiest baby cheeks and I just stared at you for hours. I still kiss those baby cheeks a thousand times a day! You are such a happy baby girl & your silly squeals and laughter make each day brighter. You have stolen the hearts of everyone in this house, little girl! We love you so very much & are so thankful you are ours. Happy FIRST birthday, Cheney!


on the day before your birthday

My darling baby girl,
I blinked and a whole year passed me by. Tomorrow you will be a 1 year old! I have said the same thing about your brothers, but I do think your first year went by the quickest.  I have tried so hard to savor each stage of you since I know you are the last baby.  I have clung to your baby-ness because I know by now that it will be gone in an instant. My favorite times with you have been in our glider when you will actually let me rock you to sleep. That is really the only time you are still & I love just snuggling you!
I have dreamed of having a little girl for my entire life.  In my head I pictured a quiet and dainty little girl...and well, that you are not. You are even better! Cheney, your personality is so much fun. You are LOUD, adventurous, sweet, fearless, & full of sass. You may have 2 big brothers but you can certainly hold your own. You are one tough, petite little lady! You definitely keep us on our toes more than your brothers ever did!
Everywhere we go people notice you & compliment your pretty smile & blue eyes. Smiling is something you do often! You are such a happy girl & find joy in the smallest things. You love your brothers & think they are they greatest. Grayson is your biggest protector & Griffin is like your personal comedian. They have been smitten by you since day 1 & it has been so fun watching y'all interact! You completed this family, baby girl, and I am pretty sure you will be their "Cheney baby" forever!
You have completed my heart in the most perfect way. I am forever grateful that God chose me to be your mama. You have taught me to be more patient, enjoy the small moments, & just slow down.  I can't wait to watch you grow up! Thank you for adding so much joy to our lives. We love you SO MUCH, baby girl!