Cheney: 12 months old

Cheney baby! YOU ARE A ONE YEAR OLD!!
The final stats:
Weight: 17.7lbs at the cardiologist!
Height: 29in
Clothing: all 12 month
Diaper: size 3
Shoe: size 4
Sister, you LOVE to eat. This month we finally started sitting at our new kitchen table and you sit in your booster at the table like a big kid! You've been eating off of plates & doing really well. You will still eat just about everything. Your favorite foods right now are watermelon, blueberries, anything with cheese, yogurt, cereal bars, any kind of rice, & goldfish. You are DONE with bottles & formula...hallelujah! You love whole milk.  You are easily going through a gallon a week! You had absolutely no problem giving up bottles & happily drink milk out of your sippy cup. I am so happy to never have bottles in this house again!
You are still a great sleeper! You dropped your morning a few weeks ago. You have been a trooper about that! You wake up EARLY but can usually hang until about 12:45-1:00 for your nap. You sleep until around 3:30 in the afternoon. Your bed is full of lovies and animals, but you have had to really become attached to one. You also sleep with a gazillion pacis. They are all thrown on the floor immediately when you wake up in the morning!
Happenings this month:
-you are SO CLOSE to getting a third tooth on the top. Your little gums are so swollen!
-you can take 5-6 steps when you want to. You are a lazy walker; you have a big brother who literally carries you all over the house so you have no need to walk! We practice a lot & you will walk if really want to.
-you are such a climber. It makes me crazy. You will climb on anything & I can't take my eyes off of you for even a second! We got a big inflatable water slide & you can crawl right up the big slide! All by yourself! You have absolutely no fear.
-you went on another really long road trip to Louisiana this month! You did pretty good in the car & had so much fun exploring new places!
-You are starting to really enjoy the pool/water. Well, unless it is really cold. You have let me put you under several times and it does not bother you. You love the inflatable slide & crawling all over it!
-doing big girl things like taking only one nap & drinking only out of a sippy cup!
-you really enjoy story time at the library & are finally sitting still for us to read to you!
-your THIRD tooth popped through this morning!!
Oh, Cheney baby, how can you already be 1?! I remember the day you were born so vividly. You had the squishiest baby cheeks and I just stared at you for hours. I still kiss those baby cheeks a thousand times a day! You are such a happy baby girl & your silly squeals and laughter make each day brighter. You have stolen the hearts of everyone in this house, little girl! We love you so very much & are so thankful you are ours. Happy FIRST birthday, Cheney!


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