Menu Plan (almost) Monday

I love the weeks when Ben works in the morning. He is home by 4:00 and I just love being able to cook dinner & actually enjoy his company while eating! This is an every other week occurance...but boy do I love it! I've been pretty slack about planning my dinner menu lately. I sat down yesterday and did it for the entire week--finally! Here is my menu plan...not that it is spectacular or anything: (only reason I am blogging it is to hold me accountable :) )

Monday: Buffalo Chicken Sloppy Joe's with mashed root veggies
Tuesday: Lemon pepper chicken, herb cous cous, and steamed veggies
Wednesday: Burgers and fries! :)
Thursday: Chicken enchiladas with spanish rice
Friday: Chicken parm panini's with oven-roasted rosemary potatoes

So there it goes. This is my last week of work before spring break...hallelujah!!


Bad Blogger

I aplogize for the lack of blogging, but there has really been nothing going on lately. My parents came up last weekend to check out the house for the first time; that was fun! We had beautiful weather...something I am loving right now!! Here is a list of things I am looking forward to:

  • Dinner tonight with Mary at P.F Changs. Yum!
  • Spring Break...it really could not come any sooner! I desperately need a break:)
  • Painting some rooms in the house. Not really "looking forawrd" to the painting part, but I am ready for some color on these walls.
  • Hot weather & wearing flip flops

I am so ready for summer weather I can hardly stand it! Hopefully life will get a little more thrilling and I will have more to write about. Until then, ciao!


Reason #218..

..of why I love teaching 1st grade: I get to go to school dressed like this!

(Hint: If you can't see me it is because I am "Where's Waldo?" I am pretty good at hiding!)