Each day during calendar time with my 1st graders we talk about different states. Okay, not each day. If we did that, we would be half through the US by this point. Anywho, we learn a few states a week & sing a fun song (shout out K.Hicks) & have a grand ole time. It's a snapping song. I may or may not do the snapping song just so I get the chance to say "get your snap on" on a regular basis. OKAY...on to the point...

So today we talked about North Carolina. We learned the capital & then I told them the fun fact about the first airplane that took flight in North Carolina. I thought it would be fun to have my 6 and 7 year olds guess what year this happened. Two VERY eager little boys jumped up and down trying so hard not to scream out....you know, sitting "criss cross apple sauce" bouncing their hands SO high in the air as if I couldn't them otherwise. This was how the conversation went:

"Okay..what year do you think the first airplane took flight?....it was a really long time ago!"

"ooooh ooooooh 1999!!!!!!"

"um, Mrs. May was in HIGH SCHOOL in 1999. It happened way before that."

"oooooooh ooooooh I know!!!!!!! 1991....that was so long ago!"

"hmmm...I was actually in first grade in 1991."

...I am officially old. My kids think the 90's were a gazillion years ago.

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