10 weeks

Well folks, here it goes! The weekly updates of Baby May..."Lomatini" as my friends have been calling him/her. Don't worry, I know you are all dying to see "belly pics" but as of now, there is really not a belly. Now don't get me wrong, I see a small difference. You just can't see it through clothes. Maybe that will hold off for a couple more weeks? So here is what our little babe is this week: a prune. Yuck. Dislike prunes. It blows my mind that our baby is that small (1.5 inches long) and is already sprouting legs & arms! Amazing!
*How far along?: 10 weeks!
*Total weight gain?: No gain yet..lost about 3lbs. due to morning (or night) sickness. Think that is about over!
*How big is baby?: only an inch and a half long
*Sex: Won't know that until April! I think it is a boy.
*Maternity clothes: All my clothes still fit!
*Stretch marks: Nope. Just ordered my Mama Mio tummy rub cream! Other people swear by it. Also drinking lots of water...heard that helps too?
*Sleep: Sleeping just fine!
*Best moment this week: Got a REALLY cute shirt from my friends! THANKS GIRLS! It will be my belly pic shirt. I'll post a picture of it later. Also, decided to move the nursery to a different bedroom. Makes it seem real to be able to talk about a nursery!
*Movement: Our prune is just too small for movement.
*Food cravings: I crave food pregnant or not pregnant. Hard to tell the difference. Loved me some apple sauce this week, though!
*Labor signs: not for about 30 more weeks...
*Belly button in or out: in
*What I miss: eating dinner & not feeling sick afterwards...being able to take legit headache medicine! Tylenol just won't cut it.
*What I'm looking forward to: Well, we have the proof that a baby is in there! I'm now ready for the physical proof...ready for a lil bump.


Margie said...

a little prune!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog design! So pretty! The little prune will be sooooo cute!

jeannie said...

Like the little update.......don't rush the "bump".....it will be there soon enough :)All in God's perfect timing