So excited...

...because this girl is getting married on SATURDAY!!! This may be my favorite picture of us ever...explains us so well. Ha!
The 3 Muskateers from Ole Miss will reunite in Oxford on Friday!!
Eeek! I am SO excited!!
Only this time, there will be no nights spent at the Library listening to DJ Mario...*tear*
Or hanging out on the balcony at the Library...
Did we do anything besides go to the Library?...
These 2 girls make my heart happy.
These 2 girls are DEFINITELY the reason I did not have a mental breakdown during senior year!!
Next time I see these girls, it won't be at my wedding. It will be at Whit & Matt's wedding!!
I am not sure Oxford is ready for us!!!


Lexi said...

This is very exciting Laura! Larry & I will be there on the big day :) We won't know many people so look out for us :)


My Mississippi Madness said...

Have so much fun Laura!!!