a week with friends

All of my high school best friends are spread out across the country. Carly is in Santa Monica, Lauren is in Atlanta, Margie is in Shreveport...the list goes on...
So you could imagine my excitement when I found out that Alex & Phil were going to be in Brentwood...right down the road from us...for a WHOLE week!
I've known Alex since middle school & Phil since high school...even went to our Senior Prom together! Al & I were both bridesmaids in eachother's weddings and we got married less than a month apart!
They live in Memphis right now while Phil finishes his last year in dental school...
...and they are planning on moving to Nashville next year!!! I am SO EXCITED!! (and no, not their cute baby...it is their nephew, Brady. Perhaps a glimpse into the future?! Ha!)
We ate at the Bunganut Pig one night...and I didn't get sick this time! Hooray! We went shopping, lounged by the pool, lunched at Chuy's, and just hung out...it was so nice to have a friend from home here! Phillex--can't wait til y'all get here!!!


Jennifer said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend!

I finally got around to posting my china post! It took me forever to narrow down choices for the blog! This is not a good sign for when I go register...which is postponed to this weekend. haha!

Margie said...

I vote for them to move to Nashville!