confessions of a pregnant girl

I'm pregnant. Shocking, right?! With all of my time off I have had lots of thinking time...and when you have a little boy squirming inside of you like an alien, you tend to think about that. Here are my thoughts/rants/things I've learned while being pregnant:

*I loathe the words "prego" and "preggers." Ew. They kinda make my skin crawl.

*I enjoy being pregant. There! I said it! I am Laura and I am one of those annoying girls who actually likes being "preggers." (Sorry, couldn't help it)

*I have never been a fan of talking tshirts. Whether it be on a grown man or 3 year old girl...I think they are tacky. I can see you. I don't need your shirt to state something that is visibly obvious. I definitely don't think it is necessary to wear a "talking shirt" when you have a basketball in your stomach. I can see that you "Rock the Bump" already.

*No matter how hard you try to stop it, you WILL get up during the night to go to the bathroom.
*You really don't have to eat for 2...unless your fetus is the size of Will Ferrell. That may be an exception.

*I cry over ridiculous things. The dogs barking? Cue tears.

*Maternity bathing suits age you about 30 years. My body doesn't know how to react going from a bikini to full-burka-like-coverage in 2.5 seconds. If you are confident enough to rock your pre-belly bikini when you are 6+ months pregnant, more power to ya!

*I drink caffeine. Go ahead, judge away. I've also eaten a sandwich with deli meat AND mayo. shhhhh....

*1. Don't stare at my chest when I'm not pregnant. 2. Definitely don't stare at my chest while I am pregnant. I'm not trying to flaunt my goods for the world to see...but you try hiding canteloupes in your shirt. It's difficult.

*Baby boutiques and Etsy are both very dangerous. I could spend wayyyy too much money on jon jons for my baby boy.


Kristy said...

I agree...with everything that I can associate with! :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Are you me? These are my thoughts to a T. :)

Especially the prego and preggers thing...Prego is a SAUCE, not something you ARE.

And about the staring at the chest thing. Quick story. I'm only going on 9 weeks pregnant, and I've noticed a bit of a difference up top. Last week, a 60some-year-old customer (I work at a pharmacy.) says to me, "You're not getting bigger yet...but up THERE you are!" I was COMPLETELY grossed out. He then proceeded to say to my coworker (who is male, but gay), "Don't you look? I DO!"

*SHIVER* I just wanted to hide them. :(

yorks said...


Jen Watts said...

I hate preggers too...I am almost 6 months and totally rocked the 2 piece today..I had moments where I looked at my tummy and thought I should cover up but I'm on vacation!!...and my maternity bathing suits are just not quite right yet...and yes I cry too much too..in fact just last week when I took my chihuhua Elvis to the vet to discover he had gum disease :(