celebrating my day o' birth.

Go girl, it's ya birthday. Open wide, I know ya thirstay. Say ahhhhhhhhh. Say ahhhhhhhh. (Sorry, a little intro from R. Kelly was indeed necessary)
Turning a quarter of a century old was not that bad! Well, until I think about the fact that now I am in my "mid-twenties." That sounds old. I spent a night with my favorite local girls & then Ben took me out last night! Needless to say, I don't need to eat for a few days.
Birthday numero uno was spent in mexican style, of course! Me, Katie, Kristy, and Mary went out to eat at Chuy's. If you have not been here, you are missing out. It is SO good!
We even got to meet a fellow blogger who just happened to be dining at Chuy's with her hubby before they moved to Oklahoma. What are the odds?! Amanda was sitting right behind Mary & Kristy. So fun!
Afterwards, we all went out for some FroYo. I love how awkward I look in this picture. Nobody told me to a)take the bowling ball out from under my shirt b)stop blocking Katie or c) to turn the other direction. Can I please mention that in this place that sells FROZEN yogurt, it was 84 degrees. 84 degrees!!!! Seriously.
My posse again outside. Mary blends in to the night sky. It was fun!
...and the night may have ended with this. A pole, Special K, and a parking lot. Apparently that makes for QUITE the combination!
Last night Ben and I went to P.F Changs for dinner and ate entirely too much yummy food. I came home to some gigantic GiGi's cupcakes and continued to gorge myself. Happy birthday to me:)