25 weeks

*How far along?: 25 weeks
*How big is your baby?: an eggplant...9 inches long & about 1 1/2lbs
*Total weight gain?: we will find out on Tuesday at our appointment!
*Sex: BOY! Grayson Benjamin:)
*Maternity clothes: everything...including the dreaded bathing suit.
*Stretch marks: None yet! I have been lathering cocoa butter on a couple times a day and then use my tummy rub at night. Seems to be doing the trick!
*Sleep: I am sleeping great...it's those middle of the night bathroom trips I hate!
*Best moment this week: ordering our glider, getting the baby mattress, and I just bought a lot of baby clothes at our neighborhood garage sale!
*Movement:all. the. time. He really loves when I am in the pool...guess that means he is as hot as I am!
*Food cravings: anything cold! I am loving Purity Sweet Lemon popsicles and FroYo:)
*Labor signs: nope
*Belly button in or out: in
*What I miss: my bikini...
*What I'm looking forward to: getting our glider and his bedding!
Here is the view from the front. Yep, even look pregnant from this angle!
...and just for your pleasure I now present to you: "Beached Whale Sexy."

Look at what I got today for $18! A family in our neighborhood has a 10 month old boy and they were selling ALL of his little baby clothes. I stocked up! And no, Ellie was not a part of the package deal...although she didn't cost much more than $18!


Katie said...

You look DEAD SEXY in that pic! See you tonight!

Margie said...

hahaha i love the picture!

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