Grayson's room...so far:)

Alas, I present to you...Grayson's nursery (start to middle...not finished yet!)
Ben was a pro-striper. This was our least favorite part...it took 3 hours! Happy to have a perfectionist in the house though...they turned out great!

almost there...
baby boy has a decent closet already!
3 of the walls are this color green..
welcome to his crib!
Guarding the crib already...sweet Hud:)
I just love this wall!
....and the changing table/dresser!
I want to put floating shelves on this wall...just need to find some!
There it is! Hope you like it so far...we sure do! Also, check out my diaper bag post below & leave me some ideas/suggestions pretty please:)


Christa said...

I LOVE the stripes! It's too cute! I'm not a mom but...I love the last diaper bag below!

Anonymous said...

Love love love the stripes! His room is adorable!

Jen Watts said...

Love your stripes!! I want to do stripes for my baby girl's room. The nursery looks great!

Unknown said...

I love it! It looks so so cute - those stripes are great! :-)