just call me katie jones.

I have been in a mad rush to complete the whole "make-your-house-a-home" thing all summer. I want everything in its place before Grayson arrives and I would love to have no more naked walls. However, decorating a new house AND buying lots of baby things is frackin' EXPENSIVE! I am having to get creative and be frugal...frugalness is not my thing. I am not a good deal finder or coupon cutter...but I am learning. Luckily, I am friends with THE Katie Jones. Ya know, famous frugalista blogger/DIY extraordinaire! She has inspired me to be crafty and save money.
I love love love Ballard Designs. They have all of these pattern prints in their catalog that I love. This set of 9 prints is $169. $169?!? Too much for paper prints.
I wanted the same look for one of our guest rooms. I found 9 of these frames at The Dollar Tree. Score!
Scrapbook paper is my favorite. You can do so many fun things with all the pretty papers they have out there! I went to Hobby Lobby and found 9 pieces of scrapbook for $0.59 each. Not too bad, right?
A can of bronze metallic spray paint later and voila! Ugly dollar store frame no more.
...and my finished product!
SO easy and with the paint, frames, & paper I only spent $20.30! Katie...you impressed? I'm learning! I also finished the no-sew window panels for the same guest room. After we touch up the paint in there today, I will take a picture of the room. I gotta get it ready...we have guests coming in a week and a half!!


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, you did an AMAZING job!!!!!!! Don't hate if I totally copy you one day!!! :)

Kristy said...

"I like the way you look"....haha instead of that saying, we'll go with I like the way you craft! :o) I'm excited to see the drapes we picked out so long ago...I forgot about them. I'm sure it will look super.

Katie said...

Lovely Dah-ling. Just Lovely!!!

Jennifer said...

So cute!!!!! I have been stalking the usual home dec sites lately (ballard, PB, and such) and I have been so taken aback by the prices for the things I want for our apartment/house (whatever we choose by the end of the year). It is just insane the amount of money those places charge for some of the things like this! DIY is definitely the way to go! I love them! I will definitely have to remember this for when Thomas and I finally get our own place come next summer!

Jen Watts said...

Great idea! I too have been rushing to get my house in order before the baby comes...why must we pressure ourselves??...I LOVE Hobby Lobby!

Lynsey said...

Great idea! You did a great job! They look lovely.

Amy said...

Love, love, love this!!! I've used scrapbook paper for other crafts, but now I am on the lookout for this! Were those frames really 12x12?!? I'm gonna have to check out my Dollar Store!