let's get this party started

Let me start by saying this: Hi. My name is Laura and I am addicted to sock monkeys. Seriously, y'all, I think I have a problem!!
Who needs a jack-in-the-box?!
Not us! We have sock-monkey-in-a-box.
......Hudson really wants to figure out how exactly that monkey does indeed come out of the box. It remains a mystery to the poor guy.
Carlton was added to the mix this week. He's pretty cool.
oh, and did I mention that my husband is AWESOME?! Because he is. He brought home SAMMY one day last week!!! I love Sammy. This will be who Grayson poses with each month. He may even wear his sock monkey hat while posing with the giant sock monkey. See? Told you I have a problem.
Moving right along....I am all about inducing labor naturally these days. I now know exactly why everyone told me that "the last few weeks are the hardest." They weren't kidding! I am so ready to get little G out of me...for reasons of being incredibly uncomfortable, swollen like an elephant from the knee down, and because I'm just impatient and want to meet my little boy. I've heard many different things that will supposedly put you in labor....
  • eggplant parmesan....we are going out to eat on Saturday and I will be eating this. I lurve italian and I'm kinda mad that it isn't fettucine alfredo that puts you into labor. oh well, worth a shot!
  • walking...the doctor told me to do lots of walking! I ran down the school halls yesterday & went walking with Ben + 3 dogs last night. I will say he feels lower today. Perhaps the running shook him around a bit?
  • Kristy said to eat pineapple. I like pineapple. I could handle that.

Anything else to offer? Comments? Suggestions? We are now full force into Operation:Get Grayson Out!

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Jen Watts said...

HA! I think your sock monkey obsession is cute! I was all about the baby coming early til I scheduled my c section! Things are miserable now!! I'm out of breath all of the time!
I suggest you go for a long walk, have a spicy Mexican dinner, then sex with your hubby ;) (all things I've heard help)