i'm a list person.

  • I love this whole "mama" thing. I am convinced I have the sweetest baby in the whole world..we got lucky!
  • Grayson is sleeping two 4 hour stretches at night...it's lovely.

  • The dogs are doing surprisingly well. I'm pretty impressed with how well my furbabies are adjusting. Hudson gets very concerned when Grayson cries and wants to give him kisses so bad. Ellie is absolutely exhausted because she thinks she needs to help me out with the middle of the night feedings/diaper changes. Jack ignores. It's what he does best.

  • Watching Ben with our sweet boy makes my heart melt.

  • I never mentioned in the "birth story" post about a few teensy issues I had. I suppose a darn near perfect pregnancy means you have to have a few setbacks with the actual delivery, right? One issue is that I lost complete feeling in my right leg. Apparently, while I pushed for 2 long hours, I pinched a nerve and I literally had a "dead leg" while I was in the hospital. While trying to move hospital rooms (seriously, who makes the gimp girl move rooms?) I fell and sprained my ankle. SOOOO I came home with a walker, knee stabilizer brace, and an ankle brace. I aged 50 years with this birth-ha! I have most feeling back in my leg now & don't need my walker. However, it is so frustrating not being able to go up and down the stairs with my baby. I'm hoping by the weekend I will be normal again.

  • Grayson is apparently ready for the clubs...looks like he is about to fist pump like The Situation! That's my boy:)


Jen Watts said...

ha! love that last pic...My baby girl is beginning to get her days and nights mixed up..I cannot nap during the day no matter how hard I try! sounds like motherhood is suiting you well :)

Margie said...

ugh so cute!

Mrs. McCracken said...

Laura he is so handsome! Congratualtions!

Unknown said...

He is SUCH A cutie! :-) love it!