it's that time of the year again...

College football season has officially begun!! My husband is obsessed with football so we watch a lot of it around here in the fall. There really is nothing like an SEC football game on a Saturday afternoon...and there is really nothing like spending a Saturday in the Grove with a cold bev, yummy food, friends, big screen tvs set up all around, chandeliers--i kid you not, and the best outfit watching in the entire south!
Atleast Whit and Matt still live in Oxford and always have a spare bedroom for their favorite llama-loving friend:) I can't wait to bring Grayson to the Grove next year in a cute little Rebel outfit!
...just had to throw in a pic of me & some boys from LSU's Tiger Pimp Nation. Ahhh-mazing. Naturally, I flocked right towards this group of pimps. Right up my alley.
Tailgating heaven!
Hotty Toddy!

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