School's out!

Well, last week we wrapped up another great year of preschool at our wonderful church! This was Grayson's 3rd year in the preschool program & it was Griffin's first! I was a little worried how Griffin would adjust at the beginning of the year because he is such a mama's boy, but he LOVED school! He was actually telling me over the weekend that he was sad school was over & that he wanted to go back this week. I think that is a great thing!

Before the last official day, we had preschool program day. I love watching each class perform with with their music teacher, Mrs. Emily. It is just the sweetest! Griffin was very hesitant about going on stage, but he did great. It's been fun watching Grayson come out of his shell over the years. The last 2 years he barely participated at the program. He was so animated this year! I love that he is losing his shyness & gaining more confidence.

After the performances, we had a school carnival and picnic. It is always a fun way to end the year!  They get all the inflatables and the kids can play games. We had a fun afternoon....even with a very sleepy baby sister!
Last Tuesday was their last day of school & both boys had end of the year parties. I still can't believe they have already finished another year!

Griffin had Ms. Barbara and Ms. Jennifer this year. Ms. Barbara is also his Sunday school teacher & we just love her! Grayson was in this class too for his first year. Griffin had such a wonderful first year & I know it is because these teachers are just so wonderful. They really love what they do & it shows. He adores his teachers & it makes me teary knowing how much they loved on my boy this year! 

Grayson was in the 4 year old class and had Ms. Cherry and Ms. Ashley. He learned SO much this year! It was such a big year for him & he loved school. He is recognizing all his letters and writing his name & spelling shorts words. This boy could barely write a "G" in August! We are so proud of him! We loved his teachers too. I can't believe he will be in pre-k next year! 
Last day of school. These boys sure have grown!! I can't wait to have a fun summer with them!


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