Cheney: 10 months old

Cheney, today you are 10 months old! We had to take your pictures at the beach this week..it wasn't so bad!
Weight: around 16.5lbs
Height: 28in
Clothing: some 9 month but mostly 12 month
Shoe: size 1
Sister, you LOVE to eat. If anyone is eating OR drinking anywhere near you, you think they are obligated to share. You are such a good eater and try everything. Your favorite foods are pretty much all fruit (especially watermelon), yogurt melts (you are OBSESSED), bread of all kinds...you love the crust off of your brother's peanut butter sandwiches, goldfish, macaroni and cheese, & yogurt. You still have zero teeth but that doesn't seem to phase you! You are still drinking 4 bottles a day and have finally mastered the sippy cup. You think drinking water is so fun!
You are still a great sleeper! You are the 3rd baby and it shows...you are pretty laid back about our schedule. You have become an early bird this month & have started waking up at 6:00. But, you take 2 great naps and are so happy when you wake up. I don't mind spending early mornings with you! Thankfully if we have to skip a nap here or there, you are still pretty happy. We love that about you! You will sleep just about anywhere. Over the past week you have napped on the beach!
Happenings this month:
-You spent the last week in Gulf Shores and LOVED the beach! You are fearless and spent your time crawling to and from the water & loved the waves crashing on you. You are definitely a beach baby!
-You are starting to cruise the furniture more and are trying really hard to stand up on your own!
-you are into EVERYTHING. Busiest baby girl ever. We have to watch you like a hawk because you will pick up anything and try to eat it!
-You have figured out how to crawl up the stairs. I am not sure how I feel about this.
-You are obsessed with dog food. It is your favorite thing. You will speed crawl when you hear me open the dog food containers! I try so hard to keep you out of it, but unfortunately you have tried it & think it is fantastic. ha!
-You love your brothers so much and have a special relationship with both. Grayson helps take care of you & Griff keeps you giggling.
-You love playing Pat-a-Cake
-You have learned how to wave & love waving to everyone!
Cheney baby, you are just the sweetest & happiest little girl. I can't believe you are only 2 months away from turning 1! You bring so much joy to our family & we adore you! Those blue eyes & sweet gummy smile pretty much turn us all into mush. We love you so much, sweet girl!
Happy 10 months, Cheney!

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